How to make a fake fire?

How to make a fake fire?
You will need:
  • Dry fuel
  • Permanganic
  • Glycerin
  • lens
# 1

First we need to look good on the ground and find out what kind of dry fuel is available.Before you ask the question, how to get fire, you need to collect dry twigs, cones, scraps of clothing, wool, dried stumps, snags, etc. Always check the space under fallen trees -.. There is usually always a lot of relevant fox-fire.

# 2

How to make an artificial fire, if there is a lens available?Such a method is quite old, but effective.Suitable conventional glasses, watches, camera lens.The method used in solar weather, t. To. For the fire is necessary to send a ray of sunlight on the lens and try to light a piece of paper.If the paper is not perfect collected dry web, or a piece of cotton or a bundle of dry grass.Avid hunters and fishermen know how to get the fire, with potassium permanganate and glycerin.On the collected pyramid of dry fuel you need to put a few granules of potassium permanganate, and then water them with glycerol.As

a result of the reaction between substances flashes bright flame.Now it is very important to maintain and ignite it.First of all, you can not make a fire in the open windy or humid place.Before kindling the fire wood are stacked in this order - first chopped thick branches, then more subtle, and at the very top - dry fuel for ignition.The whole pyramid is cone-shaped.Only then will the fire is not extinguished, but will burn for a long time until the coals.

# 3

Knowing how to make fire in the forest, you can cook food from their stores, or caught fish or game.For the manufacture of the fuel necessary to fire the future stack, leaving spaces for air.Then the fire will burn for a long time, and have time to prepare food.In no case can not forget about how to deal with the fire.The main safety rules: in any case it is impossible to build a fire near the trees, especially conifers.For this purpose, suitable only fields or forest edge;and never leave a fire unattended, especially when all go to bed, it is fraught with the flashing of a forest fire!

# 4

If dilution ordinary fire can handle any adult, you make a sparkler is much more difficult.These lights are now sold in every store of pyrotechnics.After reading how to make a sparkler, you can try to create it yourself.But it is likely that the components are mixed in the wrong proportions, and the light it will not be possible.In addition, its price is so low, that it is better to please the home bright lights hissing out of the store.