How to write a review about tutors in kindergarten ?

How to write a review about tutors in kindergarten ?
You will need:
  • information about the life of the group, the child is attending
  • paper and pen
  • computer and printer
# 1

In order to write a review about the kindergarten teacherfrom parents, the sample is not necessary.It is enough to communicate with your own child.It will take quite a bit of time since the start of hiking in the garden, and it becomes clear how things stand there.Kids happy to copy adults, their speech and manner to communicate, and it is immediately reflected in the games.So if you take a few favorite toys and offer his son or daughter "play governess," You can learn a lot about her style of communication and manners.The child respectfully, lovingly, patiently talking to igrushkami- "children"?So the group doing well and it is time to write a positive review.

# 2

write a review about the tutor assumes free presentation - do not need to specify the education and experience of the tutor, his qualification category.The word "review" is written tutor Name, number and

name of the group, a kindergarten room.In the early reviews omechayut how much time the child attended the group.The comment you need to write about the work of the teacher on the basis of your observations.Whether a child in a hunting group?As he blogged about the garden at home?How neat looks after the day in kindergarten?Carefully dressed if the child before the walk at the site?

# 3

review the work of the educator - this description of the child's development.What new knowledge and interests were the kid in kindergarten?How did he learn to negotiate and to behave in a conflict?The child appeared to agree ways so that everyone was happy - the teacher worked perfectly.Write need and whether enough information about children's development.Vospitaelnitsa should tell about the peculiarities and complexities of working with the children, provide advice, answer questions and give advice.And also, posting a corner in the parent group of articles on current topics, to help parents to understand the wisdom of education.

# 4

review the kindergarten teacher reflects how the teacher applies to all the wards.The group should not be pets and rogue.This is an important point as compliance with sanitary norms also describe.We need to pay attention - what clothes and shoes go to the children in the room (comfort temperature), whether open ventilation window in the morning and evening, whether to give children a walk regularly.

# 5

.Teachers conduct open days, consultations, meetings and, of course, parties.If any of the events seem vivid and interesting is also described.It is important to recall the responsibility of the educator for the life and health of children.Unfortunately, minor injuries occur, even when the children are busy with something interesting or organized play.But if the injury happened, caregivers are required to provide timely assistance and report the incident to parents.The provider informs all the trouble at the end of the day?So he is trustworthy and in this recall should be noted.

# 6

If you review the collective - the main text show interested parents.Perhaps they want to add something, or fix.Reviewed work kindergarten teacher and can be written by hand.At the end of the revocation put the date and signature with clarification.Review printed sign manually.