What is the Order of the "Victory" ?

What is the Order
You will need:
  • Order
  • Medal
# 1

How looks the famous Order of the "Victory"?What is the Order of the "Victory" - a five-pointed star ruby, framed by diamonds.As diamonds are bordered by rays in the background.Total number 174sht stones 5 carat.In the center of the star circle of blue enamel in the middle of which the golden Kremlin with Lenin mausoleum and Spassky Tower in the center.On top of the enamel inscription "USSR", below the "Victory".The size of the star 72mm, weight 78g order.Order is attached to the tape width 46mm.Along the edges of the tape with orange and black stripes, and to the centers are symmetrical white stripes, red, blue, green.In the center of the red stripe 15mm.

# 2

How to buy Order of the "Victory"?Now a lot of people are selling award "Victory".But there is one problem, they are not real.Real orders of only 20 pieces.Most of them, Soviet military leaders were awarded.In 1945 the estimated value of the order amounted to 3.0 pounds.At the moment the order of

Soviet military leaders are in the Diamond Fund of Russia.The rest of the other museums, and only one in a private collection.Buy and sell orders can be copy via the Internet or at an auction.

# 3

How to wear the medals?Many people wonder how to wear medals.This is very important if you want to show off in front of knowledgeable people.We must be very attentive to each medal or an award.When you take into account all of their creation, including how to wear them.Therefore, each coin has a brochure in which the exact location indicated on the coat or jacket.For example, the Order of the "Victory" have to wear a separate bar on the left side of the chest by 12-14 cm above the waist.

# 4

How to find the owner of the Order or a star?Now a lot of people is looking for the remains of people who died a warrior time.One of the most common methods for determining the name of the deceased - is the number on the Order or coin found on the body.Since the presentation of medals and awards, their numbers included in the list and assigned to a specific person.So how to find the owner of the Order.You just have to apply to the military archives, explain the situation, and you will be given the name of the owner of the award.

# 5

How to get the order?Orders and medals are only given for any actions or achievements in a particular field.One of the few orders that is issued to any person regardless of age this Order "Courage."How to receive the order of "Courage"?Its outstanding people for their dedication, courage, rescuing people, for bold and decisive action in the matter, you are a military or civilian.This award is given to the president of the country and gives a lot of privileges and benefits.If a person has received three orders "Courage", he was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation!