How to check your Invoices in Cberbanke ?

How to check your Invoices in Cberbanke ?
You will need:
  • Bank contract
  • bank card
  • Receipts of Sberbank
  • Internet access
# 1

In order to understand how to find out the current account savings bank cardsno extra effort is required.Just look at the card itself.As a rule, at its front side there is a number from sixteen to twenty digits.This is the number of the current account.Also, payment card account number stored in a special envelope, which is issued by the bank employees.Incidentally, the same written and card PIN.So it is not necessary to throw an envelope.

# 2

Also, in order to learn the current account card, you can call the hot line of the Savings Bank.Experts will answer all questions related to the current account number.You just have to tell them your card number, passport information, and codeword.Or at the very site of the Savings Bank enter the personal account and find a current account card in the personal data of the owner.

# 3

If urgently needed to find out the account number in the Savings Bank, it

is necessary to call the help desk and the phone number of the regional branch of Sberbank.It is possible and go to the office of the Savings Bank itself, to find the necessary data.If you currently need to have a passport or other identity document.The account can be found in any ATM Savings Bank in step withdrawal or balance inquiry.

# 4

There is another way.It is suitable for those who are customer service Sberbank-line.In order to use this service to find out the account number, you can enter the site your username and password, go to My Account, where the bank card details will be written on the front page.You can do so and submit an application for a card account number by e-mail to employees of the Savings Bank.

# 5

Also, the account number is prescribed in the Savings Bank on the payment receipts.If the home is going to all the receipts for payment of the apartment or other services that are paid for through a branch of the Savings Bank, the account number can be found on them.checking account number is usually indicated at the bottom of the receipt.

# 6

It considered several types and methods of how to find an account in Sberbank.Knowing it, you can easily perform a variety of financial transactions: deposit funds, withdraw cash from the account, transfer money to another user's account of the Savings Bank, to pay various fees through the Sberbank system.