How to return the phone if it did not like ?

How to return the phone if it did not like ?
You will need:
  • purchase in proper form
  • identity document
  • document proof of purchase
  • composure
# 1

level of modern technology development and wide range provides a variety of shopsgive today's man to the agony of choice when purchasing any new device.And what if the long-awaited purchase is made, and then came the realization that the choice was still not correct?How to return the goods if he does not like?All these situations and disputes are resolved according to the law of the Russian Federation on February 7, 1992 N 2300-1 "On Protection of Consumers' Rights, which clearly spells out all the nuances and ways of their solution.

# 2

According to this law, the consumer may return the product even without marriage and normal quality for 14 days, not counting the day of purchase, if for some parameters it he has not approached (color, size, and so on. D.).For example, consider the telephone refund.It must be preserved marketable products and all factory seals and labels: In order

to carry out this procedure, some of the conditions, namely, must be observed.The second condition is the presence of a document confirming the purchase of the phone.It should be noted that the law says it is one any document as sufficient proof, and the seller's claim additional evidence is a violation.Witnesses will also be sufficient proof.

# 3

Another quite a few important feature is that the return to the store, according to the law, is carried out only in exchange for a similar product suitable buyer.It is also possible replacement for the goods the other models of the brand at the same time just happens Central purchase price.The only reason to get it back the money spent on the purchase of the phone will be no sale on the same day of treatment apparatus, which is suitable to the buyer.It should not forget about it and remember that in the event of such a situation, the law gives consumers the right to a final decision, in spite of all attempts at persuasion and sellers, which, of course, is not profitable option returns money.

# 4

now worth considering separately, how to return the product and get back the money spent on the purchase of the phone, as there are some nuances in the implementation of this procedure.It is better to direct the day of purchase, then the buyer will be required to provide the product itself in the proper form, with all factory seals and labels, and the document confirming the purchase.If the treatment will take place later, you will need to write an application and submit a document of identity, namely a passport or a passport, or a certificate of exemption or certificate of an officer.The rest is not an identity document.

# 5

spite of all the apparent simplicity of this whole procedure, in large stores such cases involved special people and should be ready to meet with them and to ensure that the possible failure.In this case, do not despair, spend nerves proving right.You will need to write a written claim, which is required to store the same in writing, typing and signed by the Director within 10 days to provide a response and have this document, you can go to court.To this did not happen is to think in advance and formulate the reason for the goods came after purchase.

# 6

This will also help the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", which among other things provides the right to receive full information about the purchased product.That is to say Sales could not adequately describe the specific product that caused the subsequent return.That is what should rely upon presentation of claims to be extremely polite and not allow emotions to overshadow reason.So we should not invent not existing shortcomings in quality, because the store is quite legally be compelled to carry out additional checks marriage that will only delay the case.

# 7

Considering and observing the above recommendations can be no loss of time and extra nerves do not return the appropriate phone and get in return for money or other in full.Summing up And do not underestimate the employees who work with these issues, we should not just give emotions to take up, and of course try to solve the problem of the created "amicably."