How to return a cell phone for 14 days ?

How to return a cell phone for 14 days ?
You will need:
  • phone saved marketable.
  • document confirming PRCS
  • In some cases, a passport
  • Self-control and ability to control emotions
# 1

Every person nowadays has a cell phone.But manufacturers are not standing still, constantly improving its product and thereby podstёgivaya modern man to acquire more and more new devices.But what if, after purchasing a new gadget, euphoria and joy of buying retreated and it became clear that the goods are not fit, you need another one?It turns out, return the phone within 14 days is not only possible, but also it has the legal right, which is enshrined in the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", if the device does not fit in color, size, complication, or other parameters.

# 2

According to him, even if the phone will be without manufacturing defects, it can be exchanged for the same or a different model, the brand with the recalculation of the purchase price, or if there is no sale on the same day, return the money.For example, how to get th

e phone "Coherent" per 14 days - and as well as in any other shop.To do this, you must be sure that the phone had a presentation and there was proof of purchase document.That is, the seller has no right to ask for more documents as prescribed in the law, it is one.Also, as evidence of the fact of purchase can be a witness.

# 3

Important is the fact that the law provides only exchange for the same goods and money is returned only if a suitable product is not on sale on the day of treatment, as mentioned above, and if the question is just about gettingmoney, and it is necessary to return a mobile phone for 14 days, you should prepare for the fact that the store will do its utmost to persuade and to resist the will of the consumer, which is spelled out in the law.By law, it is not very difficult and it looks pretty good.Namely.

# 4

If a consumer turned to the date of acquisition with a view to return the cell phone, it is enough to show proof of purchase document and the product itself in the proper form (more has been written above).If the treatment was followed later, it is necessary to write the statement, and on the client in this case will require more passport or other identity document.And based on this, the store must be returned the money, but do not delude ourselves ahead of time, the fact that most large stores return special cases involved employees who are also well aware of the laws.

# 5

So how to return the phone right?Firstly, it should be remembered that if he entered the refusal orally, it is not an official denial, as if he was not fully articulated in words.In such cases it is necessary to write the claim, which has a shop, in a period not exceeding 10 days is required, also in writing, answer (in this letter must be stamped and signed by the director), and this paper will be to go to court.Secondly, you need to think and formulate precisely the reason why the phone is not suitable.No need to point out as the reason for non-existing marriage system, since this will be followed verification of the quality that will only delay the process of returning.What can help in such a difficult situation?

# 6

All the same law "On Protection of Consumer Rights."In it among other things there is a requirement for the buyer all reliable information about the products purchased.And it very much can facilitate the procedure as often sales consultants do not fully tell about the characteristics of the phone (especially on the negative), aims to sell it above everything.And most importantly, do not give emotions to overshadow thoughts and control the actions, but on the contrary should remain calm, act very polite, and yet try to peacefully negotiate with the staff that will be on hand not only the consumer, but also to themselves.

# 7

By following these simple recommendations, written above, even in such a difficult, at first glance, the situation, you can find a way out and save a lot of time and nerves.And the next time you purchase another innovation, careful to treat this issue in order to not have to use these tips.It is always easier to prevent a problem than to solve it try.