How to move to live in Finland ?

How to move to live in Finland ?
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  • How to obtain a residence permit in Finland
  • residence permit in Finland
  • move to Finland
  • Finnish citizenship
  • Embassy of Finland
# 1

Finland- very promising country for exile.It has unlimited potential for business.Also it is great to live quietly and steadily.The first step yavlyatesya a residence permit.How to obtain a residence permit in Finland?There are several different types of residence permits.

# 2

temporary residence permit in Finland is issued to those who are in the country a certain period of time (type A).It is issued to those who come to study or temporary work.Once a year, may be extended if there are grounds.A continuous residence permit is usually limited validity passport (type B).Those who live permanently in Finland for more than 4 consecutive years, a permanent residence permit (type P) may be issued.

# 3

residence permit in Finland can be obtained under certain conditions.If you live in Finland, one of the family.You may obtain a reside

nce permit immigrants - if the person has Finnish roots, but living in one of the countries of the former USSR.Just kind of getting students and people who travel to Finland to work for hire.Acquisition of real estate does not give grounds for obtaining a residence permit.Another way to move to Finland - as a refugee.However, the country from which the refugee moved, must be citizens of the persecution and suppression of free speech.For Russia, this point is relevant only for residents of Chechnya.

# 4

residence permit - an important step to leave.Permanent residence in Finland can be obtained, if you live in the country continuously for 6 years.Prerequisite is knowledge of Finnish or Swedish.This passport is not issued if the residence permit will be type A. Since 2003, Russian citizens can have dual citizenship - Russian and Finnish time.However, if a long time do not have any contacts with Finland, then you may lose Finnish citizenship.But this happens very rarely.

# 5

Thus emiratsiya Finland is a complicated bureaucratic process, and not everyone manages it.Most often, the citizens of Russia are moving to Finland with the help of a marriage, often fictitious.There are many companies that are engaged in emigration.However, for their services they take a lot of money and it is not always the result.For all questions regarding immigration, please contact the Embassy of Finland in Moscow, Kropotkin lane adrresu 15. There is also a Consulate General in St. Petersburg as well as the Consulate in Petrozavodsk and Murmansk