How to deduce stains on vegetable oil ?

How to deduce stains on vegetable oil ?
You will need:
  • Ptyanovyvoditel
  • Vata
  • Sol
  • Iron
  • Paper napkins
# 1

Vegetable oil is a fat and, therefore, does not dissolve in water.Regular washing will not help remove the stain.There are two basic ways to derive this spot: using an adsorbent and a solvent.First you need to remove the oil, which has not yet been absorbed into the fabric.In this case, the adsorbent will be the salt that you want to pour on the stain and wait until some of the oil will be absorbed into it.As the adsorbent can be any hygroscopic substance:. Chalk, starch, talc, flour, and a dentifrice, etc. After a time necessary to remove the powder with a brush fabric.Output from the oil slick as it is possible with the help of iron and napkins or toilet paper.The paper must be put on both sides of the fabric and hold the iron.Heat the oil to soak towels.they should be replaced with new ones several times to achieve the best effect.Stains of vegetable oil can be derived by means of organic solvents.These include, for

example, gasoline, kerosene, acetone.The spot should be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in a solvent, then wash.However, this pattern may fade or even happen to the chemical burn tissue.Especially dangerous this method for synthetic fabrics.

# 2

for removing greasy stains can be prepared in a mixture of three tablespoons of ethyl alcohol, half a teaspoon of gasoline and one teaspoon of ammonia.This compound, and then rinse with water should be applied on the fabric for a few hours.To help with the cleaning of oil can ordinary dishwashing detergent, because it dissolves fat.It is necessary to apply a small amount on a cloth and beat the foam.After some time the foam wash and evaluate the result may be necessary to repeat this procedure several times.You can also use ordinary soap, but the result will be less impressive.Old stains of vegetable oil is much more difficult to remove.You can try this method: Apply a thick mush of potato flour for a few hours, rinse and, if greasy stain remains, rub with gasoline.Many ready-made stain removers do well with grease spots and do not cause any tissue damage.This tool can be found in any supermarket or hardware store.The manual is written to them how to get a spot on the vegetable oil from clothes using this stain remover.If neither method is not helped or delicate fabrics (for example, suede) is better to use the services of professional dry cleaners.