How to fold a jacket in a suitcase ?

How to fold a jacket in a suitcase ?
You will need:
  • Jacket
  • Suitcase
  • Hands
  • wrapping paper
  • hangers jacket
  • Adhesive tape and scissors
# 1

As practice shows, not alwayspeople know how to fold a jacket in a suitcase, and even that is carefully published.Make sure that the pockets completely empty, and there is not lying around keys or fines, which can damage the fabric.Now you need to iron a jacket carefully.Before laying the necessary to spread out the jacket on a hard surface and carefully remove all creases and wrinkles.Here the knowledge about how to choose the right jacket will not help, it is necessary to work with your hands.

# 2

Next you need to turn inside out the shoulder of his jacket, leaving the sleeve product in its original condition, it's important!Now we should turn a ledge and turn the jacket so that the front side of the inverted stepped inside.It is very important to maintain the symmetry of the jacket, combining one shoulder and the other.

# 3

In the eyes need to define a straight line at t

he waist and put his jacket in half.To prevent "creases" in the garment, are stacked on top of laundry is better (at a fold line).If all the above conditions have been met it is true, get clothes out of the suitcase, once you can show everyone around the master class on how to wear a men's jacket.

# 4

can also lay a jacket, using wrapping paper.It will provide additional protection against wrinkles and a variety of villi.To do this, roll out sheets of paper, and gently spread upon them a jacket.

# 5

Now you need to cover with another piece of the product wrapper.Scrapie paper tape, if necessary.Pre can be put on a coat hanger in his jacket that he was subjected to less strain, while in the suitcase.

# 6

the easy part - now packed jacket can be folded into a roll and hide in a suitcase.After this procedure, it is already possible not to worry about how to update your jacket.He did not pomnetsya in this package and will look like new.

# 7

If you wish, you can make an impromptu cover of the jacket using the packages will suit even the simple garbage bags (although there will suffer a question of aesthetics, but the practicality is important).When the time comes to surprise everyone perfect view can be puzzled with the question "how to decorate the jacket with your own hands."But that's another story, and everything will depend on the manifest imagination.