How to store leather gloves correctly ?

How to store leather gloves correctly ?
You will need:
  • carton
  • linen towel
  • soap
  • water
  • glycerin
# 1

Everybody loves beautiful, elegant gloves, but as a store of leather gloves,that they last a long time.At the end of the season to clean leather gloves from dust, debris, stains with a soft sponge.Remove in a cardboard box, shifting the paper or linen towel.Put in a cool place, the temperature is not above 20 degrees.Avoid dampness, humidity no higher than 65 percent.Remove from direct sunlight.

# 2

take up boxing?How to choose the boxing gloves?First determine the weight of boxing gloves for this ounce.Novice boxers from 10-12 oz.The heavier the glove, the safer.Filler is hard to choose, the most common - foam rubber.The most durable leather boxing gloves.Velcro laces safer.It should be borne in mind that in the bare hand gloves do not wear.Under boxing gloves using elastic bandage, whose length should be at least 3.8 meters.

# 3

How to wash leather gloves?The easiest way to remove all the dirt moistened cotton pa

d, if this is not enough to turn to manual washing.It is safer to wash with soap and water.After removing all stains requires gloves rinsed at least 5 times, changing the water constantly.Dry blown in place on towel.Inside the glove to put the crumpled paper that they had been drying inside.Dry leather gloves lubricated with glycerin and a little stretch their hands.

# 4

How to determine the size of men's gloves?Determining the size of men's gloves is made in two main respects.First of all, measure the circumference of the palm at the base of the fingers.This place is the largest on the hand.If the circumference of 22 cm, then size 8 if 27 cm is 0.0 size is the largest.Between them with a step size of 0.5 cm, respectively.The length is measured from the beginning of the middle finger to the end of the palm.

# 5

near cold, how to choose the gloves?At the beginning is to determine the material: natural or artificial.It is necessary to give preference to products made of leather and suede.Gloves should encircle the arms, but do not squeeze.On the gloves should not be creases.Any discomfort will affect the safety of the heat.Standard gloves consist of 16 elements.The model of gloves is chosen on the taste of the consumer.