How to find a lost parcel as the parcel found in Russian mail?

How to find a lost parcel as the parcel found in Russian mail?
You will need:
  • passport copy of the check
  • track number
  • statement
# 1

Many in our time chatting via the Internet.Few sends letters using mail services.But still parcels sent by mail.Since post offices staffed by people rather than machines, the parcel may be lost.Then the question arises, how to find the package?The development of modern technology makes it possible to track your package.Such information may be available, since the post office workers glued to each box a special barcode.In order not to lose sight of the package, you need to know its number.Tracking-number can be specified at the time of dispatch.If it is not possible to learn, is to send a request to the office, where the parcel is sent.In the request it is necessary to specify the date when the parcel has been sent and the recipient's address, sender.Tracking-number should look like: two letters, the nine digits, two more letters that indicate the country of origin was sent parcel.If the purchase was made online stor

e, their staff will provide track number.It can help you keep track of where the parcel.

# 2

If you know that the parcel moves slower pace, it is necessary to wait.When the parcel number is not broken down or an online store employee forgot to specify it, you need to immediately call the store and tell them about the situation in detail.Typically, stores offer to send the ordered goods or money back again.If the seller refuses to find a package, it must provide a receipt or a copy of the check, received deliveries.Note that the receipt of delivery may help in the case where the posting is in the sender's city.If the parcel has been lost in the city of the recipient, you will need to contact your local office.If a parcel sent to relatives, the search for lost parcels have to go to the recipient.To do this, ask the sender's copy of the receipt, which is issued when the parcel is sent.If the administration of a relative made an inventory of the contents of the parcel, and you should get a copy of the inventory.

# 3

Russian Post has a site where there is a special service that makes tracking of mail available to everyone.Each receipt must indicate the address identifier number.Instead, the identifier may be an indication of track number.This number should be listed on the site Russian postal service in a special field.Service will provide information about where is currently in administration.When the location of the parcel will be known, should go to the post office and wrote a complaint or statement.Be sure to attach a photocopy of the check, the receipt issued at the time of the adoption of the package.In addition, it is necessary to describe in detail the administration: how to look parcel and its contents.Mail Service will conduct a full scan on filing claims.Its employees have or find the package or to compensate for its cost.When submitting a claim or application, you should have a passport.An employee of the post office is obliged to issue a statement on the spine.It indicates the date of writing, stamp, signature of the employee-mail, who took the statement.

# 4

for tracing parcels can contact the Department of claim work.To do this, you must write a statement on the official website.The application is written in any form.Be sure to specify the track number.Without it, the application will not be considered.And here is a copy of a check or a receipt in this case is not necessary.Mail of Russia can engage Tracing parcels up to two months.If sent items they find in 60 days, employees are required to compensate for its cost, which can be found in the special column "estimated value".If this column is blank or missing, then the compensation is calculated on the weight of the departure.It should be remembered that in the service of sending a missing parcel can be traced only in his own country.If the parcel has crossed the border, you need to seek help from the service of the country where the recipient is located.Very often, after treatment in the Ministry of Communications, the premise is quite fast.But it is required to describe the situation, specify the track number and ask how to proceed.

# 5

If the culprit was loss of sending e-mail Russia, all methods described are sure to help in the search.But the parcel may be lost, and the customs and the post office in another country.In this case, it should deal with the search for the one who sent it.To post under adverse conditions has paid the full value of the parcel, when sending you need to specify the estimated value and sends a detailed description of the goods.Otherwise, the staff liaison office will pay compensation based on the weight of the parcel.Find and get the parcel, which was lost, perhaps, but it is necessary to always have a track number.The sender is better to keep a check or a receipt of dispatch until such time as the package does not reach the addressee.In this case, you can save not only money but also your nerves.