How to store gloves when you do not wear?

How to store gloves when you do not wear?
You will need:
  • stencil to store gloves
  • canvas bags
  • Means against moths
# 1

gloves - this is one of the most elegant wardrobe items.They are made of leather, suede, and fabric Tapestry sometimes they lined woolen cloth or natural fur.All of these materials require careful storage in the special conditions.Rules how to store gloves in the period from May to October, protecting them from moths and dryness of the air, and immediately after the socks, it is necessary to know by heart.There are a lot of subtleties, which help extend the life of the gloves.

# 2

to wear for pens lived longer, we must first know how to choose the size of the glove.If they are too small, they quickly tear on the tips.But, gloves, suitable in size, too, are in need of high quality.First of all, they come from the streets, after the wet weather, do not throw wet gloves on the table in the hallway.They can skukozhilas or cracked from moisture.House is better to have a stencil gloves made of wood, plastic or ca

rdboard and waterproof wear wet gloves on him.The skin did not crack.

# 3

Always make sure that the gloves are dry before you wear them again.They can sit down and from moisture.In this case, it is necessary to know how to put on gloves, stretching them.It is necessary to rub them in their hands, and put on a warm hand gently.If the skin is black - you can sprinkle a means for stretching shoes or moisten cologne.You reap, but it's not scary - stretch.If you do not sit down - you need to stretch them in the studio.More is not necessary to wear gloves in wet weather, and it is necessary to store them in canvas bags, absorbent moisture.

# 4

In this case, buying gloves without lining made of fine leather, it is necessary to specifically consider how to choose the size of gloves.Better half a size larger unlined gloves but not afraid to ask.When storage in the glove lined box, which stores the gloves should definitely put the tablets of moth or a bag of lavender.It oberezhet integrity of the lining.Each pair of gloves should be stored separately, by investing in it and the stencil is packaged in a linen bag.Bags - in a box, along with a means of moth box - in a closet.

# 5

Before you remove the gloves saving storage of the need to clean up and remove all dirt.And it is not removed until the autumn.If your child wants to wear leather gloves for physical training and push-ups on the bar - it is better to explain to him how to make gloves for the horizontal bar.The child will be in business, and my mother is to keep intact and nerves, and gloves.