How do I remove a pen from the paper ?

How do I remove a pen from the paper ?
You will need:
  • Chlorine concentrate
  • Cotton swab
  • Eraser
# 1

Almost every person in my life encountered a problem when due to carelessness is an error in writingwords, letters or numbers in a document agreement.If the number of instances is limited only by one, then you need to correct a mistake and find a way to erase ink from a ballpoint pen.There are various ways to prepare solutions that help dissolve the ink.

# 2

One method is very common, but it is not as effective as others.In addition, it can remain a serious note on a piece of paper that will be obvious to the eye.To remove the label of a ballpoint pen, an eraser can be used or blade, but only if the sheet is made of fairly heavy paper.You have to be very careful to avoid mechanical damage of the document and do not break it.This method is not suitable for the case when you want to erase a long inscription.

# 3

There is another option that allows for the removal of ink.Removing ink ballpoint pen is held by, which is a

preparation of the solution, which includes 1 tbsp.l.salt, 1 tbsp.l.hydrochloric acid and 2 tbsp.l.water.It is necessary to mix together and apply all formulations resulting liquid to a paper sheet in place of error.Apply with a cotton swab is recommended because the size it is ideal for this procedure.Thereafter, the ink must melt.For the next step will require another piece of paper, which should be placed on top of the first, and iron, both sheet iron, heated to 100-150 degrees temperature.Do not keep the iron on the list for more than 10 seconds, so as not to burn it.

# 4

The following method is suitable for removing ink from a ballpoint pen only with white sheets of paper.This can be done chloride solution concentrate diluted in water.Promaknuv sheet in the solution, it should be well dried, to the smell of chlorine completely weathered.It is recommended to leave the sheet in a ventilated room for several hours.This time is quite enough.Apply the solution on the paper should also be a Q-tip to avoid liquid into print or text that you want to store in its original form.

# 5

Thus methodology explaining how to remove ink from a ballpoint pen to paper is not really as difficult as you may think about it.Accuracy in this issue guarantees excellent results.Thus, you can be sure that in the future blot of ink on paper will not cause any problems, because the method of solution will be tested on their own practice.