What medicines can be transported across the border ?

What medicines can be transported across the border ?
You will need:
  • Medicines
  • prescription from a doctor
  • passport
# 1

Trips abroad are different - it's a family holiday by the sea, and a short-term business trip,and long-term accommodation, such as training.But in any case, the road first aid kit - the one thing that can not leave the house and not to lay down in his suitcase.Transportation of medicines - not an easy task as it might seem at first glance.First, let's make a list of the necessary travel of drugs, breaking them into categories.Pain, fever, cold remedies, of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, antibacterial wipes and plasters.This classic standard list of drugs, usually all of these drugs can be transported across the border.Also in this list be sure to include those medications that the traveler takes the time, if he has a chronic disease.These diseases include diabetes, heart disease, blood, hepatitis, and so on. D. When buying in a drugstore of these drugs are kindly requested to ask the pharmacist whether you can b

e transported across the border medicines that are purchased today.Perhaps if the drug on the basis of a substance is not allowed to take out of the country, the pharmacist will be able to suggest analogs that are not prohibited for carriage.

# 2

Learn about what medications can be carried across the border, can the Federal Customs Service.There are certain lists of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, trafficking in the Russian Federation which is prohibited or restricted.Therefore, having carefully studied the lists and composition of products, it is possible to draw a conclusion about what the drug can not be transported across the border.Typically, these drugs include almost all efedrinosoderzhaschie sedatives and drugs.If they welcome the traveler is shown for health reasons, he needed to have with the recipe, preferably duplicated in English, which will indicate the international name of the drug, dosage and regimen of medication.In this case, the amount available under the drug itself must not exceed the total dosage, calculated according to the recipe.

# 3

Do not get involved and traditional medicines bought abroad.Especially exotic preparations such as for example ginseng root, bear bile, tiger paws - all of these tools are revered and widely used in oriental medicine.Ignorance of the language can lead to the fact that the unfortunate traveler will be a smuggler, without knowing it.Before buying such folk medicine, make sure that they are included in the list of authorized baggage.Otherwise, the suitcase can be opened at the customs, and the tourist will have to wait a lot of unpleasant moments spent in the proceedings with regards to the purpose of transportation of drugs.A standard set of traveler -.. Drugs from the head, temperature, eating disorders, etc., will never cause problems when crossing the border.However, all specialized drugs need to have a prescription, and it is also possible they will have to declare to the customs clearance.