How to remove links on a bracelet watch ;how to remove links on the clock

How to remove links on a bracelet watch ;how to remove links on the clock
You will need:
  • a special set of tools
  • pliers
  • small hammer
# 1

Nothing complicated about changing the units of hours with metal straps not, as the procedure is pretty simpleand you can make it at home, not thinking about going to the watchmaker.In this case, you can not spend money on expensive accessories for the clock.

# 2

To remove the link on the bracelet hours, enough to have a special set of tools for working with them.Or you can prepare a paper clip (or other long, slender object such as a needle), pliers (in case if something goes wrong) and do something other than a small hammer (come down almost everything, down to the smallest hammer).You may also want to get comfortable and to organize an atmosphere where nobody will interfere, as in the case of negligence, the guilty will be many.

# 3

For starters bracelet is disconnected, since remove link bracelet watch is the main task.To insert a link, disconnect will still have, so it pays to take a needle (or whatever in sto

re), and to open the ring, and the pin is caught, so he did not fall.If there is a lack of understanding of what you need to press, just look at the side of the bracelet.All links are not removed in one piece, and those that have small holes - and are the main goal.Also pay attention to the presence of small arrows, which are often stuffed with the inside of the bracelet.

# 4

They point, where, and how to link bracelet watch can be removed.It is necessary to carefully squeeze out the pin level, as can be pierced his finger and give it an unpleasant lesson, so he never completed.Bracelet after the successful removal of the pin is detached coupling.There are times when there is no pin, while in places that are indicated by arrows, wielding pliers, is to disconnect.Absolutely the same way is to remove the pin on the other hand the desired level, or disconnect and remove the link bracelet watch.To assemble the bracelet used reverse sequence.

# 5

When assembling do not lose vigilance, as the risk of a hole in my finger does not fall down, and the possibility of losing the item and all increases.One should not overdo it with the effort.If something requires the application of large forces, it means that something is wrong, it is worth a close look, what is being done, and in what direction will come off the needle or awl.