How to remove the counter , take readings of the meter ?

How to remove the counter , take readings of the meter ?
You will need:
  • Pen Paper Calculator
# 1

Payment of utility services job is very troublesome, and sometimes burns a lot of nerve cells.But this can be easily avoided.Let us examine how to take readings of the meter.First, you must make sure that this is the right counter.In high-rise buildings, most of all, it is in the front, in special cases, sometimes near the door inside.If the site a few meters, you need to know what is needed in a particular case.Ideally, each signed by the apartment number.The most primitive way to make sure that it is a counter of the desired apartment is turn off all electrical appliances and noted accounting stood at some counter.In private houses next may be a few that look like, metering devices measuring electricity, gas, water.On the dial of the meter, be sure to have one of the inscriptions kW./ H.KW./year., Kw./ H.To understand how to take readings of the meter, do not need special skills.On the numeric keypad, can be five digits, despite what the model

of the device.The last figure is a fractional part.It can be round, but you can just ignore.Rewrite the rest of the figures, this is the testimony of the MF.Zeros at the beginning, you can not rewrite.Sometimes, just enough to report these numbers to the serving company by phone.The most interesting part begins when you need to calculate the cost of their own services.No higher mathematics, following the instructions, it can easily make a student of sixth grade.

# 2

at hand should be a piece of paper, calculator and pen.In the first place to the rate at which pay for electricity.You can see in the contract for services, or regional sites.The easiest case is if the cost of 1 sq./ Hour fixed.Then just need to subtract from the captured performance metrics for the previous month.The result is multiplied by the cost of electricity.(Single rate) For example: cost 2.8 rubles.per kW./ H.Current index counter 26563 was 25728. 26563-25728 = 835Umnozhaem result of the value of 835 * 2.8 = 3.8 rubles in the previous month.There are tariffs, the so-called two-part tariffs and trehstavochnye.The dual-rate counters of the electric power used three counting mechanism, there are three lines of numbers.First-shows the amount of electricity used in the daytime; the second night -proizvodit account; third-shows the total amount of electricity consumed.In order to calculate the cost, it is necessary: ​​from the current reading of the first line subtract readings at the beginning of the period (last month) and multiply them by the daily rate in the area.In the same way from the string current readings numbered 2 to subtract the previous value and multiplied by the tariff in the night zone.Then add up the results.For example.Current - 24523nochnoy-11842Pokazaniya at the beginning periodadnevnoy -24220nochnoy-11612Dnevnoy rate -2.1 rubles.per 1 kW.* H.; Night rate -1.1 rubles.per 1 kW.* H.Receive: (24523-24220) * 2,1+ (11842-11612) * 1.1 = 3.3 rubles.

# 3

For some regions, namely: Orel, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Samara and Vladimir regions in the Trans-Baikal and Krasnoyarsk region and with 1.9.2013 billing will be carried out taking into account the social norm of electricity consumption.And with 1.7.In 2014 it will apply throughout the Russian Federation.The value is set by local authorities, according to the formula proposed by the government, and will depend on how many of the average population consumption.How will be calculated the cost of energy services.Here is an example.For example, set the size of the electric power consumption of 400 kW./hour.Indicators in the first example.Current index counter 26563 in the previous month was 25728. The rate in the normal range in excess of 2.8, 3.8.It should be used to calculate the amount of 26563-25728 = 835 kW./ H.This is significantly more than the set limit.Now, we subtract the amount that we used the 835 admissible norm of 400, turned out 435 kW./ H.Now, multiply the result by the rate in excess of 3.8.435 * 3.8 = 4.3 rubles.And add the cost of 400 kilowatts within normy400 * 2.8 = 912 rubles.And of the 912 + 4.3 = 6.3.By analogy, you can calculate the cost when dual-rate account.Here are a few useful tips.It is necessary to have a notebook in which to record the performance of all the counters, is pasted to the checks.