How to win an argument : A Beginner's Guide

How to win an argument : A Beginner
You will need:
  • knowledge citations
  • arguments
# 1

Not all fundamentally important it is to win the argument, for many simple enough to know how to resolve the dispute.Even people who do right, can not have the character necessary to prove their case.For those who do wrong, and he knows about it, the dispute - as a game.They are interesting, and most importantly, they know how to play in the dispute.This often makes them winners.

# 2

For very nervous individuals the only viable way to win an argument - to avoid it.It is not necessary to give a reason for the dispute.Well, if it starts, the most effective method in this case - this argument is akin to "let everyone remains at the opinion."If the stimulus is clearly no match intellectually, you can simply quote good quotes, such as "Never argue with idiots..As you lower yourself to their level, where they will crush you with their experience.Mark Twain".Such abstruse phrases often overload the main body void of understanding interlocuto

rs thought, causing them to digest the words for a few minutes, which certainly gives a good time for a strategic retreat.

# 3

If, however, the decision was made to drive a wedge into the intellectual confrontation with an equal opponent, and have thought about how to win the argument, it is necessary to observe certain rules.To begin with, it is worth absolutely be sure that they are right.Not in the sense that you need to put yourself installation supposedly cooler Rocky Balboa, and equal in the ring there, but to be sure, having a number of indisputable facts.After all, in fact, the goal of those who focused on the dispute, not just to speak, but also to convince the correctness of the interlocutor.

# 4

should begin with the facts, with which agrees the source, and then move the subject to their opinion.It is necessary to agree with the person in the original position, make it clear that his thoughts are clear, too, then he will listen to other people's arguments.The argument does not need to get personal.It is necessary to keep to the subject of the dispute, give the actual arguments, and in any case difficult to invent facts, since this lie can be easily and get caught.

# 5

It is important to place the man himself.Oddly enough, but such clever tricks as flattery discourages bickering, relax man.But this does not mean that in the midst of the debate about the collapse of the exchange rate, you can say something like, "John, what are your expressive lips, eyelashes and which, oh ...".Rather on the contrary, it causes a lot of negative emotions.

# 6

And finally, you need to constantly monitor the reaction of the interlocutor.If you notice that some themes do not like the person, you can try to develop it, then he is likely to give up, but not the fact that it will accept your point of view.Most often, the person who follows these simple rules will choose how to resolve the dispute.Get out of it a winner, or leave everyone with their views.