How to order weapons on the Internet?

How to order weapons on the Internet?
You will need:
  • computer
  • Internet
# 1

When almost no free time, and ahead of the opening of the hunt, the question of how to order weapons online, brewing itself.In general, ordered weapons via the Internet is impossible, as it needs a license, which can be purchased at the police station, passing a special test.But a license is required for each of the new weapons, and get it no problem, even if the order through the online arms.Only there can be problems at customs, where the order for this kind of product can assign real time or very large fine.Therefore, ordering a weapon is only tested (official) sites arms suppliers.It is advisable to plant producing weapons, he was in the city, where the customer lives, because in this case will not have problems with the delivery, and it can be realized by courier, which is a more reliable way.

# 2

But, what to do if a weapon site is in another city, or even country?We must look for the site, crystal clear, about which there is positive feedb

ack.It is also desirable that the packaging parcels were documents with which weapons can easily pass through customs.Even before the order should read packaging that came with your arms.There should be a guide, which will explain how to properly clean a weapon ikak surrender their weapons to the police, if it has lost its necessity.Once on the site should be a description of how to determine the caliber of the weapon.After all, if sent from the e-shop goods do not conform to reality, then you can exchange it.But before that it is not necessary to pay attention to appearance, you need to decide for themselves the caliber of the weapon.Here's how to do it, just to be painted in detail online.

# 3

Another is to pay attention to how to fill in the order form weapons.It is necessary to carefully examine the sample and on its data to fill in your own.When the goods have come to the post office, his first step is to arrange.Rather, to obtain a license for the weapon.To do this, you need to go to the police and take the test.Well, if there is no license for weapons, but to the instructions "how to make a cold weapon," nothing is not required, as for the content of arms without a license could face real life, with the same really great fine.