How to make cold fire : a step by step guide

How to make cold fire : a step by step guide
You will need:
  • concentrated sulfuric or hydrochloric acid
  • dry boric acid
  • Permanganic
  • Iodine
# 1

In films, special effects on stages very often used cold fire.Consider how to make a cold fire.This requires to take the dining room spoonful of alcohol and pour alcohol into a small dish.Add the same amount of boric acid and dry mixed.The solution is to drip one or two drops of concentrated sulfuric acid, if it is not - you can replace the salt.The resulting chemical reaction produces ether.It needs to be set on fire.This is a cold fire.

# 2

Cold Fire can hold in their hands, used for lighting.But how to light a fire without matches or a lighter?To do this, take a small amount of potassium permanganate and drop it one or two drops of iodine.After a few seconds until the mixture is glowing high temperature and ignite.It is necessary to comply with fire safety regulations.With the amount of potassium permanganate and iodine need to experiment in advance.

# 3

After the fire had ser

ved its purpose, you need to think about how to put out the fire.There are several ways.First.To prevent oxygen supply: on the subject of reproaching throw blanket, throw sand.Second.Lower burning temperature: add water.The third.Shoot down the flames with branches, sand.Fourth.Destroy the source of heat: to scatter the fire.In the first three cases, good help extinguisher.

# 4

No less important is the question of how to maintain the fire.Be sure to hide the fire, so as not to wind blew rain or flooded.If it is carried out on fire, then you need to put into the fire of thick logs, snags, preferably raw.They will not burn through.You can keep the embers and ashes, covered them with a layer of earth.They retain heat for 12 hours.Coal can be transferred to foment a new fire.For this, the cans.

# 5

Seasoned tourists, fishermen, hunters can add your own examples of how to build a fire, how to keep the fire and how to extinguish the fire.In ancient times, tribal appointed a special person - the keeper of the fire.Save the fire - so save the life of the tribe.In all cases you have to be very careful.It should be handled carefully with concentrated acids, wear gloves and goggles.And always keep an eye on the propagation of flame!