How to call from a mobile phone for an ambulance ?

How to call from a mobile phone for an ambulance ?
You will need:
  • Mobile
  • Number cellular operator
  • emergency number
  • number of district emergency
# 1

Life sometimes presents us with unexpected surprises.And they are not always pleasant.Therefore, everyone needs to know how to act in one way or another emergency.In the eyes of a passerby may occur an accident on the road, or an elderly person suddenly a heart attack.The accident may be surprised of our loved ones or ourselves.At such moments, knowing how to call an ambulance with a mobile, you can save more than one life.For this is not suitable number used on city phones.

# 2

Why not 03?The fact that there are no two-digit numbers in the cellular communication.Therefore, various mobile operators use to call emergency numbers of three digits.Remember they are easy, they do not differ from "03".To call an ambulance with a mobile phone you need to know which number to use for this is your statement.Those who use the megaphone to call the ambulance need to dial 030. The same number is

used by mobile operators MTS, TELE-2, U-tel.For users of Beeline provides room 003. On Sky Link operates even two-digit "03".For the motif you need to press 903. Emergency call is free.Those who use some other type of cellular communication, you need to call the customer support his statement and clarify what is required number.To be safe, it is better to be written in the memory of your mobile phone, so that at a difficult time not to panic.If for some reason not be able to use one of these rooms, you must call the emergency services.

# 3

Emergency Services.Call an ambulance with a mobile phone, you can also use the phone number 112. This is the same for calling emergency services and is used on mobile phones in Russia.It is necessary to know every Russian for early resolution of an emergency.Pros emergency call from that number lies in the fact that you can dial it with insufficient funds in the account and mobile even in the absence of SIM-card.When dialing 112, the satellite calculates the location of the caller and connects it to the nearest emergency department, emergency or police.This call is free as well.In practice, when you call 112 ambulance arrived quickly, but this method has its drawbacks - there are times when the satellite incorrectly identifies the city, from which the call came.This lost time can be decisive in someone's life.

# 4

City "ER."For the above reasons, it may be more efficient to call an ambulance at the nearest clinic.To do this, you must know your own number of district emergency.It takes a little time, but it will help save a man who is in a difficult situation when you do not do without the intervention of medicine.Those who are seriously decided to master the skills of action in emergency situations, I recommend to get acquainted with the rules of first aid.After all, inactivity is death, and neglect can only harm the victim.

# 5

For those who trust in any particular doctor, there are commercial companies engaged in the provision of ambulance services.The difference is that in such companies, this is a paid service.Supporters of paid medical services necessary to clarify the number of one or more companies.It is necessary to pay attention to the company's choice, as well as to monitor changes in it - perhaps it would be not very reliable for such a serious issue.

# 6

It is equally important to know what to say when you call an ambulance.This can save you valuable time and ensure an ambulance with the necessary information.The first manager will be interested in sex of the victim, approximate age and under what circumstances the accident occurred.Saying it is necessary briefly.Then you need to name the exact address and leave your number, if you suddenly need more information.If the victim is in a remote place or a person, calling an ambulance, had difficulties with his description, it is necessary to meet the ambulance at the nearest possible place.

# 7

person without medical training is not possible to accurately determine the nature of the injury, so the ambulance call is an integral part of helping the victim.Preparedness for any situation will help to avoid negative consequences, reduce the number or even save someone's life.