How to extinguish a fire : Extinguishing the fire regulations

How to extinguish a fire : Extinguishing the fire regulations
You will need:
  • Sulfuric or hydrochloric acid
  • Boric acid
  • Iodine
  • Permanganic
# 1

First you need to figure out how to put out the fire.There are many ways, among them there are four main ones.First, the easiest and most acceptable to extinguish the fire - it is clean fuel.In other words - to scatter the fire.The second way - to extinguish the flames.You can use sand twigs, clothes.The third way - to restrict the flow of oxygen.To do this, use a carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.The fourth way - to lower the temperature.To this end, the burning wood grist.

# 2

In order to avoid problems with the extinguishing of the fire can be used cold fire.Here are instructions on how to make a cold fire.In a small bowl to mix spoonful alcohol and boric acid (dry) and one drop of concentrated sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid..Then begins a chemical reaction with the release of air that needs to be set on fire.Such a fire for cooking is not enough, but it is suitable for lighting.

# 3

Many tourists are concerned about how to start a fire without matches?Ancient people start a fire by friction.If you're lucky - from a burning tree, in which is hit by lightning.Polar - with the help of ice, which was shaped collecting lens.Another way to start a fire without matches: you need to put a drop of iodine potassium permanganate.After a few seconds the mixture heats up to a high temperature and it can ignite a fire.

# 4

above were considered ways to put out the fire.It is necessary to make sure, before leaving the parking lot.Not extinguished the fire - this is the cause of forest fires and household in which people are dying, buildings, animals and plants.It is clear that the tourists do not carry fire extinguishers and large reserves of water.But all measures to prevent fires improvised means they have to take.

# 5

An equally important problem that confronts tourists - how to keep the fire?The ancient people were the keepers of the hearth, which constantly threw wood and protected him from his enemies.Hunters and tourists on the fire cast a thick logs, driftwood, preferably raw.They can quickly burn, smolder for several days, keeping the heat.It is enough to unearth the ashes and fan the flames.To do this, you need to have a supply of dry firewood.

# 6

Fire at many people is a deity.People liked him, appreciated and worshiped him.The civilized man must not forget about the handling of fire regulations.The article deals with, not all ways of how to put out a fire, how to maintain the fire.Seasoned hikers and hunters can add your own examples.