How do I get a printout of calls for free?

How do I get a printout of calls for free?
You will need:
  • phone
  • listing
  • through
  • detail
# 1

Mobile Phone Now every person, some even two or three devices, forthe use of which to be paid regularly.Mobile operator withdraws money for all the services provided - it's outgoing calls and SMS, internet access and other services of the operator.In order to control spending, as well as to minimize its own costs, must be at least occasionally check your own mobile account and see how and where it was spent, and this can help printout of calls.Under the listing is meant detailing all actions performed with a mobile phone.

# 2

As soon as there is a need to look in detail the costs of its own phone, immediately raises the question such as, for example, how to get beeline itemized bill for free.We must immediately note two things: first - this is what you can get not only the details of calls, but also for all operations with your phone, and the second - the details make all the operators, and it is free.Itemized calls shows each inco

ming and outgoing call, reflecting the number of minutes for each call, and, of course, in detail specified mobile number with which it was communicating.

# 3

Detailing SMS and other services are also provided by the operator, and it will be a detailed account containing including calls.The easiest and fastest way to get such detail - is go to the personal account of his statement through the official site by typing the password and login to access your personal account.It is necessary to choose the account details and writing e-mail, ask the conclusion of detail to this address.Typically, for 5-10 minutes mail account will complete detail, from which it will be possible to understand where calls were made as SMS sent the requested period and so on.

# 4

If you go to your personal account is something very complex, there are two more ways how to get a printout of calls.First - you need to call the call-center of its operator to connect with an employee and ask for the details.The second way - is to contact the company's headquarters and offices are now very much, especially near the subway, and there is already an office staff can make a printout for free.Thus, to make the details of calls and other services of the mobile operator is very simple, and it can handle any person with a mobile phone.