Weight as a physical quantity : entertaining science

Weight as a physical quantity : entertaining science
You will need:
  • weight as a physical quantity
  • mass Finding kernel
  • mass Finding knowing
  • speed Calculate the mass of the substance
  • determine the mass of air
# 1

Weightas the physical quantity is a quantity of a substance contained in the body, and is measured in kilograms.Over time, this concept has expanded.In terms of Newtonian mechanics mass remains constant under all conditions.Also, the mass does not depend on the speed of movement of the body.Another important in physics fakt- the more weight, the stronger the gravitational pull.Interestingly, the word "mass" in ancient times meant a piece of dough.

# 2

Massa has everything, even the atoms (the smallest particle of matter).How to find the mass of the nucleus (mass number)?It is, in fact, quite simple, if you get familiar to all of the periodic table.Simply find the sum of protons and neutrons, of which, in fact, is the core.The number of protons coincides with the serial number and the mass of the nucleus, roughly equal to

the average mass of the atom indicated in the periodic table.Based on these data, we can get closer to finding the last element of the construction of the nucleus - neutrons.To do this, you just need to take protons from the mass number.Done!

# 3

pops up the next question: how can we find a lot, knowing the speed?By the way, in the twentieth century, the famous physicist Albert Einstein found that by increasing the speed of the object, its mass also increases, refuting the assertion of Isaac Newton.To determine the mass, knowing the speed, you will need knowledge of the values ​​of strength and time.And when solving a given problem, it is necessary to multiply the force of time and the data rate divided by.This knowledge may require any person, because life is unpredictable.

# 4

Very often wonder about how to calculate the mass of the substance in the solution of problems?For this we need to know the volume and density of the substance found is.For the determination of density, there is a table-density materials, which can be used.

# 5

finding a lot of substance, it is possible to determine the mass of air.How to determine the mass of air?This action is not difficult.So, when it calculated the mass of material, you can find a lot of air.To do this, multiply the weight of the substance in the molar mass of air.The average molar mass of the air is equal to 8.8 g / mol.

# 6

The article was given enough information about the weight and its presence in our world.