How to find a registered letter ?

How to find a registered letter ?
You will need:
  • mail id
  • letter
  • receipt
  • Internet
# 1

Russian Post, not really improved organization and the system, in terms of tracing lost mail.In this structure can be their oversights and shortcomings.Of course, almost all modern people are now mainly use e-mail.But it so happens that the need to send any securities or a power of attorney to another city.Even still, all businesses, sent by registered mail their tax returns.In this case, comes to the aid of a registered letter.

# 2

What distinguishes a certified letter from a simple letter, but the fact that a simple letter is not registered postal workers through the mail system.The only thing that a simple letter, put a stamp with the specified date.A certified letter is fully entered into the database and registered postal service employee under his mail ID.In this case, the acceptance of a registered letter, postal worker issues a cashier's check to the reception and the payment of the postal item.This cash receipt printed

characters are individual mail id.

# 3

But it may also happen that the registered letter has not reached the addressee, and is lost somewhere along the way.What then to do?First of all, you can try to find a letter on the receipt number, ie mail id on this cash receipt.We must go to the website of the Russian Post, or simply go to the post office where to send mail forwarding, go to the special section, which searches for the departure, and enter these figures in a special window, then click on the search button.The figures should not be followed by a space or punctuation marks.If everything is entered correctly, then the search for the identifier will show where and in what sorting center, stood a registered letter.

# 4

In the same way, you can track and search all postal items, which are recorded when the employee received at the post office.You can also track the location and movement of packages and even find a package that probably somewhere delayed or sorting center, either at the customs office, if an international posting.

# 5

If sending search did not produce any results, the postal identifier, it is already necessary to address directly with the Russian Post with the statement on the search of the lost letters.The application should be written in the name of superior Russian Post, you need to take form in the post office.Be sure to specify the data in the application, namely fully FI Oh, passport details, address of residence.It should also be in this statement to indicate an individual e-mail ID.Be sure to specify a telephone number.This statement should go to the secretary, so she put the number of the incoming request.It remains to wait for the contact with the applicant.

# 6

Find a letter that has been lost, not too take much time, but pat nerves.But not yet invented this ingenious system, which would be responsible for the human factor.