How to check the honey iodine ?

How to check the honey iodine ?
You will need:
  • Honey
  • Iodine
  • Usus
  • water or tea
# 1

Every person izvestnochto honey - a storehouse and a source of vitamins.It contains phosphorus, sodium, iron, sulfur, chlorine, magnesium and other elements.This natural product is a natural antiseptic and can cure any ailment.But not always fall into the hands can, as mentioned above, high-quality and natural product.Buying honey "with hands", you can run into a fake, but it's not just the money spent in vain, but also the risk of harm to their health.It must be remembered that the liquid honey is only in the summer (besides acacia honey).If honey winter has not acquired crystallize the structure, it is either a fake or a consequence of overheating.This honey will not foam.Also, when buying it is necessary to pay attention to the smell - a natural product will have a fragrant aroma.Lack of smell can be a clear indication that the honey adulterated with sugar and diluted.So how can we distinguish the natural product from a fake, if, a

t times, but "word of honor" sellers can not show anything?Experienced people know that you can determine the naturalness of honey iodine.

# 2

Since iodine medical check right?To do this, follow the recommendations given below.Iodine - is a universal tool for checking on natural honey.First we need to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in warm water, then you need to mix until homogenous.On trial is best to take the honey from the bottom of the can.Next, you need to take iodine and drop from a pipette into a glass of honey, 5 drops.If the water turns blue, then you can safely assume that this is an artificial honey.Even a barely discernible blue water indicates that the honey were added to the flour or starch, which contribute to the weighting of the product.As can be seen, check iodine honey is very simple.Experienced beekeepers claim that almost one in five honey bank, bought on the market - it is counterfeit product.Therefore, if you do not want the money was wasted, and health was not shaken, should buy with honey and iodine.

# 3

vinegar - an excellent tool for the detection of all kinds of impurities in the product.To test the need to add a few drops of vinegar in a solution of honey and water.When the water began to boil and sizzle, then it is an indication that the product has a chalky grit.Its like starch and flour are added to the honey was thicker and heavier.In this method of disguise poor-quality product.

# 4

Plain water may also indicate whether the sucrose in the honey added.To do this, honey dissolved in hot or warm water at a ratio of 1 to 2, until a solution is easy.If the solution is clear, with no precipitation and turbidity, it is a natural product.With the help of the honey tea on a natural check very easily and quickly.It is necessary to stir a teaspoon of honey to drink, if after this tea will darken, the product is natural.