How to get the fire under extreme conditions ?

How to get the fire under extreme conditions ?
You will need:
  • lens
  • penknife
  • dry wood
  • tinder
  • lace
  • centuries-old experience of mankind
# 1

Hiking - one of the favorite activities of activeof people.Many are looking forward to a weekend or holiday, to go into the forest to pick mushrooms or berries in the reservoirs in the mountains to enjoy the beauty of nature.These activities are prepared in advance, trying to account for all.But, as the saying goes: "How will attack, so at least do a precipice" - Matches soaked, flew in lighter flint to ignite the fire nothing.So, to solve the problem, how to get fire in such a situation, the age-old experience of mankind is involved.

# 2

light a fire - so bring combustible materials up to the combustion temperature.The law of conservation of energy says that for this it is necessary to convert the energy from some external source, such as from the sun.In clear weather, in open areas can take advantage of the lens (magnifying glass, binoculars, glasses), or try to make lens itself, for

example, using a glass of the clock, filled with water.It is necessary to focus the sun's rays on the dry, combustible material and cause fire.

# 3

And how to make fire in the forest, where the sun's rays do not penetrate, or on a cloudy day?Try to use the heat of friction.This method is known from ancient times as a method of bow-shaped spindle.What do I need?A dry board not resinous wood spindle (drill) and a finger thickness about 40 cm long, from the same species of wood.Preparing onion, length of 40-50 cm with a bowstring of any given string.Support block, stone or wood, which the drill is pressed to the board.

# 4

Having the experience of how to deal with the fire, will have to immediately prepare a combustible material.First - tinder dry flammable material (animal or bird feathers, dry moss, mushroom tinder-dry wood rot).Next - the kindling of dry leaves, paper, small branches, bark.Well, then - firewood and wood for the fire.Prepared everything in advance, then the time will be.The board is a recess for the drill.By deepening the edge of the board is cut-out angle of 50 - 60 degrees, the air supply and accumulation of smoldering coal dust.

# 5

If you are ready - you can start.Spindle is wrapped around the bowstring and rests in the groove of the board, rub lies under recess of the board.Leaning on the spindle through the support block, bow movement is called rotation.Happy are those who are concerned only with how to make sparkler to holiday!..In an extreme situation, mining the fire, often a matter of life.Therefore, give all you need, without sparing himself.And hope that the laws of physics and the materials used will not fail...

# 6

Vigorous friction on the spindle board shall cause a smoldering coal dust.This heat will be transferred momentum tinder, with his smoldering can be transferred to the kindling - and inflate a real fire (knowledge of how to make artificial light, it is unlikely you will need in this situation).Then quickly - kindling, firewood, wood, and very careful attitude to the flames.And now, sitting at this fire, you need to give yourself a word - continue to be insured by ten similar situations.