How to pay the fee for a passport ?

How to pay the fee for a passport ?
You will need:
  • Money
  • Receipt
  • computer with Internet access
  • Leisure
# 1

pay registration fee at the time of registration of the passport - it is, at first glance,simple enough.However, the procedure keeps a lot of "gotchas."In this article you will learn how not to lose your money and save valuable time.How to pay the state duty on passport think everyone who is faced with the problem of obtaining the document.To leave in most countries it is a must, and trouble in the process of registration, as a rule, there are many.Sometimes Russian Post does not send the code required to create an account on the site gossuslug;Sometimes the website itself does not work, and sometimes a statement filled with errors.When there is a need to pay the fee for a passport - normally no problem.

# 2

Indeed, what could be easier?From the human need to visit one of the branches of the Savings Bank (or any other bank) and part with clearly prescribed amount, which has not changed since 2010.But even her

e there are a lot of intricacies that seem specifically designed to complicate and tighten the entire procedure for months.Paid public services necessarily on behalf of the recipient of this most state services.That is, if a passport is necessary to make the child, the "payer" column will be just his name and surname.Needless to say, for minors, all documents can be signed only by their parents, adoptive parents or guardians.More noteworthy that pay the state fee can only town (or towns), whose territory is served a statement.

# 3

details for payment of state duty is, in any branch of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation and the territorial departments of the Federal Migration Service (Office of the Federal Migration Service).Stamp duty on the passport of the new sample is now two and a half thousand rubles for an adult and one thousand two hundred rubles for a child.It issued a passport for a period of ten years.If, however, the whole procedure will bring a lot of fun and there is a desire within five years of its repeat, can be issued the passport of the old sample.It will cost much less: for adults - one thousand rubles for a child - three hundred rubles.The sum always remains the same, even if the stamp duty is not paid in the Savings Bank.Charge a fee for such payments bank employees are not eligible.

# 4

But do not hurry up and pay a state fee in advance.The receipt with the bank confirming payment, is only valid for three years.The countdown goes from the date of payment of that amount.How to pay stamp duty?You can do this in several ways.The most simple - get the details of the Savings Bank or the Federal Migration Service office and go with them to the cashier.Too lazy to fill in the document - in some banks this mission can be passed on to employees.Paid service, but it will cost about fifty rubles.To save a little time, you can print out a receipt, after downloading it from the Internet, but there is not careful hurt.

# 5

Sometimes the World Wide Web there are outdated templates, and before sending the money all the items (especially OKATO codes) it is recommended to clarify.Keep in mind that the details for the various subjects of the federation will be different.Easily you can find them on the official website of the Migration Service.Filling out a receipt, you should know that the "purpose of payment" depends on regular or biometric passport is in the manufacturing state.Start recording in both cases is the same: "the state duty for registration of passport", but in the second case it is necessary to leave the postscript "...containing information electronic media. "

# 6

When talking about the design of the passport for a minor, in the "Payment" column should be made corresponding mark "state duty for registration of passport to the child."Once the money is successfully went to the correct account, issued a special check, which must be attached to the package of documents required for registration of the passport.Also sometimes left on the receipt printing on payment of state duty.However, the state duty payment procedure, and the procedure for obtaining a passport in general can be greatly simplified.

# 7

To do this, contact the experts, that, by itself, will not work for free, but in many cases, the time saved is worth it.And keep the nerves usually is no more than.If you are going to travel abroad on holiday, you can use the relevant services of travel agencies.For a modest fee thence staff repeatedly to simplify and accelerate the procedure of registration of the passport, and the legal costs include the final score.Is it worth it or not - everyone decides for himself