How to find the coordinates of the midpoint : the simple geometry

How to find the coordinates of the midpoint : the simple geometry
You will need:
  • segment
  • Calculator
  • spoken formulas
# 1

How to find the coordinates of the midpoint?Let us simple and captivating geometry period 9th grade.So we if we have a segment, then we are given the coordinates of two of its points.Now we have to find the right formula and do some simple calculations.By the way, an interesting fact is that surprising, but from the time of surveyors in Egypt (if you do not go into trigonometry course) the geometry is not changed!It can not fail to please, is not it?So if you're ready for an exciting journey into the world not artfully made calculations and a huge imagination, then you are welcome!What should I start with?Oh, sure, we go back to the segment, fantasize and give it a name.What is the cut?Think AB?But where there!We're in the world of fiction, let it be XQ!

# 2

We know the location of this mysterious XQ, take a simple piece of paper, inspired us to school time and proceed to the great mystery of geometry - features.Now, let's imag

ine what it represents this segment and why should we seek the middle of it.Suppose it's a snake, but no it would be cruel.Stick sausages, that's it!Urgent divide it into two for all well-known formula: X + Q / 2, where X and Q coordinates of the points of the segment.If the division is successful, then we got the coordinates of the midpoint of the very well or ideally two identical pieces of sausage, how you want.Here it is, the main essence of geometry - home use.

# 3

But move on to another job, how to find the length of the segment?Ay-ay-ay, do not rush to take up the line for the geometry is too simple and boring, especially when there are formulas and calculations, and symbols, and numbers.The length of the segment of L is denoted by, the difference between the coordinates we square and congratulate yourself on taking the necessary length of the segment, unless you forgot to remove the root of L. Not forgotten?Then remember the formula and with its help we will now always and everywhere to find the length of anything.If we know the coordinates of the course.L2 = (x1 - x2) 2 + (y1 - y2) 2 Found length?Take a ruler and compare, come together?Congratulations, you can assume that you will be able to live a life without a ruler, not a feeling of loss.But there is another matter.How to compare two segments?And then we have also the choice.

# 4

blending method or the method of coordinates?Choose what you want.Who called the geometry of boring exact science when there is a space for choice and fantasy.overlay method is simple and concise, impose one segment to another, compare, less than the length of which is contained in the other, if the segments have converged - means equal.Let us turn to the method of coordinates, find the length of the two segments, in the form of already known to us, they also compare the two prime numbers not make much effort.The larger segment - great length, so that if there are no lines or tracing paper does not count discouraged at hand, count and count again.Check the length of the segment, the length and width of a rectangle, learn-degree measure of the angle, having at hand a ruler, a compass and protractor everyone can, but it's even boring!Be bold, dream, develop, and you will have power over everything, even the exact science of geometry.