How to get citizenship of the Russian Federation citizen of Ukraine?

How to get citizenship of the Russian Federation citizen of Ukraine?
You will need:
  • passport
  • proficiency in Russian
  • Close relatives in the Russian Federation
# 1

to obtain citizenship there are two ways - a reception in citizenship in a simplified manner andon a universal basis.Of course, the first road less bumpy, but requires some action on each person.In the beginning, it is desirable to determine which path should be followed for each particular person to obtain Russian citizenship.To obtain citizenship under the simplified scheme, it is necessary to have close relatives who are Russian nationals.It can be parents or one parent, children (minors included) or husband / wife with whom marriage has been registered for at least three years at the time of submission of the application.How to get citizenship of the Russian Federation citizen of Ukraine in this case?For this category of people are also governed by rules of simplified administration, especially if you wish to obtain citizenship was born in the former USSR.

# 2

simplified admission rule

s also apply to citizenship for those persons who have higher or secondary professional education received in one of the higher educational institutions of Russia, after 1 July 2002.Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, as well as certain categories of children and incapable persons can expect to receive Russian citizenship by the simplified scheme.If you wonder how to get Russian citizenship to citizens of Ukraine, we can find a number of possible options for the implementation of this, important to determine which categories of people include the individual citizen, apply for citizenship.

# 3

should also be remembered and that there are certain conditions for obtaining citizenship.Such conditions include the legislature, in the first place, the need to adequately know the Russian language, the obligation to follow the laws of the Russian Federation and have legitimate sources of income.During consideration of the issues on how to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation has addressed each will need to pay the state fee, the amount of which is determined by the Federal Migration Service.It should be noted that each case - a purely personal, but because of the general scheme of obtaining citizenship, applicable to every human being, unfortunately, no.

# 4

As for the general procedure for obtaining citizenship, such a right can get the person who continuously resided in the territory of Russia for the past five years and have not traveled beyond for more than three months, for example,to rest.If such people undertake to abide by the laws of the Russian Federation, speak Russian and have a legitimate source of livelihood, they can submit all necessary documents to obtain Russian citizenship in special authorities.On the basis of these documents Migration Service could take a positive decision on granting citizenship.The whole procedure of obtaining citizenship takes from six months to eighteen months.Sometimes the process is delayed for a longer period of time.

# 5

decision on granting citizenship takes Russian President, if we are talking about the general order, but the simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship involves decision heads of territorial bodies of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in each of the regions of the country.In fact, the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship is not complicated, but requires care and delicacy in the details.Sometimes the lack of one document or incorrect filling of the application makes the process of admission to citizenship complicated and prolonged, increasing the previously specified time.However, if a person expresses a sincere desire to become a citizen of the Russian Federation, then it may be advisable to have patience, collect all the necessary documents, read the reviews of those who have passed this way and safely get to work!