How to find an organization for the INN ?

How to find an organization for the INN ?
You will need:
  • INN
  • Internet access
  • Patience
# 1

Quite often there are situations when a person needs to find one or another organization, in this case of all the informationabout it, it is only available Inn.At first glance, such data it is impossible to find a company, but it is not so.Of course, the search will take longer and will require to perform certain actions on the persistence of which will depend on the final result.As a rule, information on how to find an organization for the INN are available from the tax office, except in cases where it is confidential.

# 2

It's enough to send the appropriate request and pay the state fee.In this case the tax office may declare that VAT is not enough, so on to search the person you want to specify OGRN (primary state organization number).If for some reason this information is missing, you can seek the assistance of the Internet, where there are official sites, which suggest how to learn of Enterprise organization.Such resources exist

both on a national and regional scale.

# 3

Once a site is found to be filled on a special form in the case when the desired company really exists, in response to the user will receive a detailed statement, including VAT, and of Enterprise.It is also possible to apply to the background of the city where the company is located, you need to find.In this case, there may be some difficulties related to the fact that some firms with the same name can be registered in the same region.So interested to know how the organization INN is desirable to know where the company is based, scope of activities in which it operates, as well as the owner's name.

# 4

necessary to note one unpleasant feature, which appears in the search.The fact that the results of these queries the search engine produces a lot of websites that do not give useful information but seek to capitalize on the data available.It should be noted immediately that in this case there is no sense to pay as interest data already exists on the network.We have already mentioned specialized websites such as " "or" "in which there is any interesting information on how to check the organization.The fact that the Tax Administration was one of the first public service, managed to rebuild and promptly discover the possibilities of the Internet.

# 5

As a result, to date, specialized function and multifunction sites, where you can perform a number of actions, includingand learn interesting information.As a result of entering the corresponding figures, the user will receive a name, address, as well as general information about it.It also provides information about what specifically the inspection it has been registered.The only exception is when a company managed several times to change the name and to change the location.In this case, the search will require the assistance of qualified professionals.