How to make a traumatic weapon : tips for beginners

How to make a traumatic weapon : tips for beginners
You will need:
  • money to acquire weapons
  • Safe
  • medspravka
  • License
# 1

To learn how to draw a traumatic weapon, you must first acquire a large safe.It must match the size of future weapons, it is better to take a safe margin, because anything can happen.Normally when you visit a gun shop, as a rule, acquired some additional ammo and so on.It is important to consider in advance what where in the apartment safe is located.Inside it must be a separate box, lockable.It will be used for the storage of ammunition.People who want to purchase safe and guns often go to the hunting store and begin to recognize it, how to store weapons, but it is not always correct.On such issues best to contact the specialty shops.Firstly, they have more choice, and secondly - in the safes prices are much lower.

# 2

next step prior to purchase weapons will receive a medical certificate.A pass medical commission can be in any clinic in the community, which will have a special license for the issuance of such

certificates.For it will have to pay a certain amount.Next, you need to pay the state fee.And all the data required bank can be found in the licensing and permitting department.If the question arises as to carry a weapon in this department must submit in advance a certain number of documents in order to continue to have problems.The documents should be as follows: the card-application, passport and photocopy, photo 2 standard-size 3 * 4 and medspravka.

# 3

If the decision on the application will ultimately be a positive, it will be necessary to pass the exam, to identify compliance and knowledge of the rules of use of the weapon and its content.If the exam will be put to fail, there is always the opportunity to go to resit a month.In the case of successful delivery of the first time you will need to think about how over a period of one month to six purchase a license, and then, and how to acquire a traumatic weapons.Once the weapon is purchased, the next step will be its compulsory registration in the license - Permitting department.Registration must be made no later than two weeks.Nevertheless, after five years (such time the license is issued), three months before her end will need to take care of how to extend the license for the weapon.