How nice and loud whistle without fingers ?

How nice and loud whistle without fingers ?
You will need:
  • correct location fingerprint
  • knowledge of correct positioning of the teeth and jaws
# 1

Stop the car, give the dog a signal to call the distance seen a friend or just a pin - allIt can be done by properly delivered whistle.If the hands are free, you need to know how to whistle with your fingers.First of all, you need to take care of the clean hands.The algorithm is the following.The upper and lower lips, inside the cover you need teeth.Next, you must choose which finger whistle, or even as a whistle with a few fingers.

# 2

We need to try different combinations of fingers and select the appropriate the most convenient option.. It is best to place them a V-shaped manner at a distance of 2 cm would not have fallen choice, but their location will be in any case at any pollen: half of the corner of his mouth to his middle (one finger) and to the first knuckle (another finger).Then the most important thing: it is necessary to remove the language (pull back), what would it t

ouched the tip of the bottom of the oral cavity.The distance between the upper and lower rows of teeth recommended by 1 cm.

# 3

So, to start blowing, starting with a light blast, as if experimenting, and then do more breaths through the mouth.You must find the language very loud whistling desired point.It appears when the air flow created by the upper teeth and tongue, fall directly under the slope of the fingers and lips.If a child asks how to whistle through his fingers, then it is better to tell him what is his age - in any way, as it is often the children used to whistle dirty fingers, which is why the body often gets infections.

# 4

A baby monitor before each whistle is extremely difficult.Skill as a loud whistle without fingers can help in a variety of situations (eg, when hands are tied ... or, God forbid).First of all, it needs the muscles of the lips and jaw tight tuck the lower lip to the teeth so that the lower jaw was ahead.The upper teeth can be slightly exposed.Then the most important thing: you have to clean out the language, but so that the air passing below it (between the tongue and teeth), take a deep breath and exhale.

# 5

Try to fix the language in different locations in and out with different force.And soon, even immediately, begin to form a loud pure whistle.Moreover, whistle without even a child can learn the fingers, since dirty hands control factor is irrelevant.And indeed every adult convenient whistle without fingers, so it is not always at hand is a wash basin and soap.Anyway, there is nothing difficult is how to whistle with your fingers and toes without.The choice of the whistle will depend on the individual case.