How to get a traumatic weapon : permission to traumatic weapon

How to get a traumatic weapon : permission to traumatic weapon
You will need:
  • medical examination
  • criminal record
  • No problems with the law
  • Obtaining a license to the police station
  • buy weapons in a special shop
# 1

In modern life, with its sometimes crazy rhythm, the internal affairs bodies is difficult to keep track of compliance with the law and order everywhere.The crime rate is stable, and each way or another, could face its manifestations.In such circumstances, carry a self-defense weapon - a traumatic gun or, for example, a stun gun, a definite need.

# 2

To begin with, how to get a traumatic weapons - as usual, pistols, designed for self-defense, applying the attacker injuries that prevent further illegal actions.The procedure for obtaining such weapons is regulated by the Law on Weapons in the Russian Federation.The right to purchase and storage of such weapons coming for Russian citizens from the age of 18 years.The citizen must not have a criminal record and must undergo medical examinations related to mental and physical health.

In case of successful completion of the clinical examination must be received in the district police department license for traumatic weapon.After purchasing "in trauma", it needs to be put on the account in the same police station.

# 3

question, in which cases you can use this type of weapon has generated a lot of controversy at the time, when the decision was made on how to make a rational defense weapon available.But lawmakers have agreed on the fact that the use of weapons - a very last resort, to use such weapons only in case of emergency, particular danger to life and health of citizens.But sometimes such weapons works and how stopping factor without firing - striker sees the gun, and his criminal fervor often comes to naught.If the weapon is applied, it is best to somehow make sure that attacked you did not die at the same moment - this is the excess of the permissible limits of self-defense and if not for the fact that even a brilliant lawyer will help you to be justified.

# 4

How do weapon traumatic differs little from the production of weapons of war.For example, the same exists in the Makarov pistol traumatic option, and not very different in their characteristics (except combat) and the appearance of their fellow fire.The distribution of traumatic weapons by private companies.They are licensed and a lot of different permits from government agencies and institutions, including law enforcement bodies.Their activities are strictly regulated, therefore, of the sale of substandard products is desperately seeking to zero.When purchasing weapons consultant willing to tell all the information of interest "in trauma."

# 5

Sufficient ease of how to buy a self-defense weapon, making it possible to use it not law-abiding citizens in their own criminal purposes.A certain (but not high) percentage of crimes in this country is produced using such weapons.To fight this attempt by improving survey methodology, taking into account the psychological portrait of a man.Traumatic weapons for many - is a guarantee of peace and security of the ability to be confident in their abilities to protect themselves, their family and social order as a whole.