How to wash the blood on the jeans ?

You will need:
  • salt or starch
  • Ammonia
  • washing powder
  • Soap
# 1

If it so happened that on the clothing formed brown spot, it is not necessarygive up this thing, because it can save a little effort.Each question will sooner or later on how to wash the blood from his jeans, because of such troubles are not insured by anyone.To do this, we must remember that it is best to wash out those spots that were on the fabric recently.Thus it is necessary to use only cold water.To get rid of blood stains, you must wash jeans with detergent or washing powder.When the contamination disappears, the thing to be hard to rinse in lukewarm water.This will allow the jeans to find his former visual appeal.

# 2

Inveterate jeans with blood stains can be removed by soaking the item in cold water for a period of two to four hours, without the addition of detergents.After this time should be washed jeans with conventional soaps, which are used in the household.Often white jeans victims brown spots.To remove

the blood on these things, you need to take a pill "gidroperit" drug, slightly wet it in water and gently she could move directly to the spot.Followed jeans washed in cold water with soap or a powder.It is important to remember that this is a better way to use exclusively for white jeans, because dark pants may appear white or yellow spots that spoil the thing permanently.

# 3

from chronic blood spots can be an effective means of ammonia, from which you want to make a solution.To do this, add a glass of water one teaspoon of ammonia, after which process a mixture of places on the jeans, where there are bloodstains.In addition to the previous solution it is necessary to make one more - mix borax and water (the proportions are the same) and also rub the stains.In conclusion, rinse jeans in warm water.Wash out the blood stain with jeans that are made of thin fabric, it can be another solution.It is made as follows: potato starch is dissolved in water until the mixture until a reminding sour cream.The finished slurry should be spread on both sides of the spot and leave the jeans at a time, until the treated area is completely dry.Then you just need to shake the mixture of starch and, if the need arises - prostirnut product.

# 4

There is one very good way, which is good for getting rid of old stains on the jeans pants - a saline solution.He does is very simple: in a liter of cold water to dissolve 1 tablespoon of ordinary table salt.This is followed by 2-3 hours at soak in this solution stained jeans and then washed in warm water, adding a pre-washing powder.It is important to remember that to remove the stain of blood in hot water never succeed.Why?Because blood contains a protein that folds in hot water and firmly absorbed into the fibers of the fabric so that all subsequent attempts to get rid of brown spots were unsuccessful.Do not worry if your favorite jeans were blood stains.From them you can get rid of, the main thing - the timely response and solution to the problem.