How to convert rubles into dime : Entertaining Mathematics

How to convert rubles into dime : Entertaining Mathematics
You will need:
  • division in the mind
  • Multiplication in mind
  • spoken ruble ratio penny (1/100)
  • Calculator
# 1

Ruble - the traditional currency inRussia.The name comes from the coins of ancient Russia, where the means of payment were so-called "chipping" hryvnia.Over time it transformed into the familiar.Ruble in turn subdivided into various smaller components - dime, quarter.But the universal and only the penny appears to this day.For the first time about her mentioned in the Novgorod Chronicle.She was depicted a warrior with a spear, from which the name is gone.In order to understand how to convert rubles into penny, one must also look at the history.

# 2

In the very annals of the glorious city of Novgorod You can find more information on the substantive penny.It was a small flat kruglyash of silver, which was on a special machine printed replica of the image of the Lancer.On the reverse side of the coin was engraved the denomination.This option penny eventually became the standar

d for the whole country.And all because it was convenient to weigh in the trade - one coin had a mass of exactly 1/100 of the weight of silver ruble.This proportion will be important in the future.

# 3

Most Russians do not even know what it looks like the Belarusian ruble, but today they are united by one important feature.And in that, and in a different country 1 ruble = 100 kopecks.Based on this ratio, and made all the basic calculations on the territories of these states.In fact, the transfer of large sums of rubles a penny quite entertaining.To do this, multiply the amount of ruble equivalent to 100 - and get the same money supply has only expressed in pennies.You can do and vice versa, but if the amount in kopecks to share.

# 4

developing their mathematical abilities, you can also work out how to translate the tenge in rubles, and then to a penny.1 ruble is equal to 4.6 of the Kazakhstan currency.That is the amount in kopecks and rubles must be multiplied by this figure to get her own in tenge.On the way to change dollars for rubles or yuan converted into rubles, you can handle the same way.Factor for the US currency is equal to 0.3, and for the Chinese - 0.6.Practicing with different currencies, translating them in ruble and kopek equivalent, can also succeed on the math assignment.Quick account always goes only benefit.