How to handle a fire : the most important rules

How to handle a fire : the most important rules
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  • safety Ingredients for making sparklers
# 1

With fire trifled with, so when you use it need increased caution.Everyone must know the standard set of fire safety rules, and that such knowledge should be instilled to children from an early age in order to avoid undesirable consequences.The forest fire is not suitable for breeding, but if all the same there was such a need, then you need to know how to deal with the fire.For example, this is done on a specially equipped place (bare ground or sand), surrounded by rocks or dig in.The diameter of this section should be at least one and a half meters, and the area should not be under overhanging tree branches.

# 2

Many would like to learn about how to make sparkler.It's easy, knowing a certain technique.The paste, sulfur, aluminum powder, steel wire - that's all it takes to make them.The paste to cook.Sulfur powder and mixed, and wire cut into pieces of 20 cm.The wire is then dipped into a paste, into the mixture and

dried for at least ten minutes.This action should be repeated several times, and the resulting fireworks are dried for at least a couple of days.

# 3

How to make an artificial fire knows only specialized companies who are professionally able to simulate fire.For example, if a certain event is forbidden to make a fire, you can use this technique as an artificially created stage flame.This is great for security reasons, and special permissions for such services from the higher authorities is not required.

# 4

Get the fire using a lighter or electrical appliances, capable of warm, easy.But these things can not just be on hand at the right moment.Use the following method to learn how to get the fire only with the help of cotton.To this end a cotton roll requires a very tight roll thick as a finger, then wrap it in the next layer of cotton wool and repeat similar actions around 4 times.The resulting dense cushion should be actively roll on the surface, while cotton is not inside starts to smolder.

# 5

In conclusion we can say a few words on how to make fire in the forest.The easiest way - to match.But there are none, you can use a magnifying glass, flint or friction.All of the above fire extraction methods are not complicated, but we must not forget about safety precautions when using them.