How to find the order number for the owner ?

How to find the order number for the owner ?
You will need:
  • catalog medals
  • Archive data
# 1

People engaged in digging the remains of the fallen of the Second World War, still find a huge number of items with this war, inclusivelyand awards, medals.Of course, to decipher them is not always successful, because some of them were subjected to prolonged exposure to the environment.If the reward is preserved in more or less, the normal state, then this award is really possible to establish a person's identity, which she belonged to, so as to absolutely all military orders have special rooms.But how to find the owner of the Order?First, you need to determine what exactly is a reward from the catalog "Order and medals of the USSR."

# 2

Catalogs of this type, no problems can be found not only in the store, but also on the Internet at specific military sites.As mentioned earlier, every coin has its own (identification) number, the documents on it are located in the main archive of the Ministry of Defense.Next prepared a request for file

s that can be done most conveniently in a museum or the military.However, for the issue of information to third parties, you need to provide documentation proving the degree of relationship, in turn, they (whom you make a request) must also be archived confirmation.After performing these steps, it is clear that the details of the issue of how to order, or rather its owner is very important.

# 3

After the request is necessary to specify not only the name of the Order, and the extent and purpose of why the requestor wants to learn on it (medals) information.The request can be followed not only by a particular person, but also on the local or regional self-government, especially when they found the body, which, of course, need to be buried.The document from the archives can be in the form of premium sheet account special card or order on awarding.It should be noted that officers made a special registration-card service records.Generally, all information on the orders that were given during the war, there is now available through journaling.With the help of these documents is quite possible to compare the find and learn how to look the Order.

# 4

For such a medal, "For Service in Battle" and "Medal of Honor" magazines were not particularly well, so information on them could not be found.All requests need to enter your own address and, preferably, if it would be the address of the legal entity.You can also use a network search.To do this, go to the web site "Archive Search", which can be found not only the names but also the owner of the number itself awards.All this is done not in order to learn how to find and how to sell orders, but only to get acquainted with the information.For how to get the necessary information, the requestor can only after the acceptance of "for information" conditions.

# 5

As a result, it is possible to learn and last name, and call the place, and patronymic name.In principle, if the requesting - the same city municipality, who found the remains, then, for reburial, this information will be sufficient.After all, those are not just so, and rightly knows how to wear the medals, there are not many, and the people involved in them "faceless" selling a lot.To avoid this, there is even the possibility to issue stand in museums, preferably with additional information about the owner (even a newspaper article about him would be welcome).Contacts search engines can also be found on the Internet, "the Union of search groups."In general, if you wish quite possible to find the owner of the Order, and to honor his memory, and even put his achievements in the museum to familiarize them ordinary citizens.