How to paint a velvet jacket ?

How to paint a velvet jacket ?
You will need:
  • special paint suitable for velvet
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • laundry detergent without bleach
# 1

jacket for a long time has become a status symbol, success.He - a constant attribute of the inhabitants of the business world;and blending in with the rest of the clothes - and even an indicator that a person has a perfect taste and sense of style.However, the jacket is good for any situation, especially sewn from velvet, velvet, denim.In such you can only go to work, but also to the party.

# 2

If faded favorite thing, or want to change the color, how to paint a jacket of velvet?Best of all - to give a workshop.But if you want to take the risk to do it at home, you will need a special paint (available at hardware stores).Dissolve it in the recipe on the package in a large pot of water, add vinegar, salt and detergent without bleach - for even coloring.In this solution, cook jacket, stirring with a wooden stick.Then, remove from the water and dried.Do not immerse it in cold water im

mediately - will creases!

# 3

choosing a suit-deuce, it is important to know how to determine the size of the jacket.One of the main parameters - the volume of the breast.It is measured in the upper torso, and the resulting value is divided by two.This will be the right size jacket.Sometimes it is necessary to know the fullness and clothing.To determine the volume of the chest waist subtract and divide that number by two.Another option - growth: S (small) from 166 to 171 cm, R (regular) - from 172 to 177 cm and L (long) - from 178 to 183 sm.

# 4

Packaging suitcase in businesstravel, special attention should be paid to the top of the suit.Here is how to properly fold the jacket so that it does not hesitated.Turn it inside out - everything except arms.Fold in half thing, strictly shoulder to shoulder, so that part is not inverted inverted stepped inside.If necessary, you can also double jacket once again - in the waist area.To protect it from wrinkles, is to put it in a suitcase with clothes pile (eg shirts).

# 5

Solving the problem of how to choose a jacket, is first and foremost pay attention to your body type.For example, holders of athletic looks good fitted jacket.A big man is best to opt for the single-breasted with three buttons (with the unbuttoned top button body it will look slimmer).The correct jacket little freedom in the shoulders, gently hugs the neck and does not restrict movement.

# 6

And if the work is no strict dress code, and want to look stylish - a thing does not work?Here, for example, how to decorate the denim jacket.You can do this by using beads, rhinestones, decorative buttons, chains, playing different shapes and colors.The main thing here - a sense of proportion.If the fabric is patterned, the other decorations must be at a minimum.With self-colored fabrics can be bolder, but do not forget also about where supposed to wear a jacket.For example, strict decorations perfect for a business lunch.And the easiest way to revive business outfit scarf or handkerchief.

# 7

choosing clothes and accessories to it, you should always think about what this or that thing or decoration to say about its owner?What information will be borne by others?And what conclusions they can do?