How to choose a radiation dosimeter for the house ?

How to choose a radiation dosimeter for the house ?
You will need:
  • dosimeter
  • iodine tablets
  • Seafood
# 1

Radiation - a deadly enemy.You can not even suspect that is currently near the strongest radiation source.Radioactive radiation can not be felt, it is colorless and odorless, it is not accompanied by sound.Anyone who cares about their health and the health of their loved ones, or often face the risk of radiation required to know how to choose a radiation dosimeter.

# 2

Dosimeter - one of the simplest devices.It can determine the negligible radiation in just a fraction of a second.In everyday life it is possible to diagnose the stage on his summer cottage, household items, food.The leading and most accessible are the dosimeters from "Radex" producers and "Ecotest".Their quality is tested by time and out of competition.But what to do if the unit recorded strong radiation, how to escape from radiation?

# 3

The first thing to do - is to hide away from the radiation source.It is important to protect the respiratory system and the

body - to effectively use a gauze bandage and tight clothes.If the source of radiation comes from the street, it is necessary to tightly close se windows and doors, cut off ventilation.Do not use running water.In any case, it is desirable to know how to draw a radiation sign and what it looks like.

# 4

This is necessary in order to easily identify the warning sign and if necessary to schematically depict it on radiation dangerous objects.Sign of radiation is a 3 equilateral triangle, emanating from one great point in different directions from it.We can say that these triangles yellow circle is divided into 3 equal parts.In daily life, useful to know how to get radiation after the X-rays.

# 5

When a person receives an X-ray, though small, but unfavorable dose.In order to reduce the radiation dose, the day before you can drink a special iodine tablets consumed seafood food (seaweed, mussels).After radiotherapy can drink a glass of red wine.In general, an X-ray is recommended to do no more than twice a year.How it affects us and how radiation kills?Which organs are at risk?

# 6

Prolonged exposure or high doses, radiation destroys cell walls, damage the tissue organs, can cause the formation of malignant tumors and cause radiation sickness.Most sensitive to radiation eyes, lungs, bone marrow, genital and breast cancer.According to studies, the annual rate of exposure is 1-5 microsieverts, which is approximately equal to 100-500 micro-roentgen.