How to track the parcel from China ?

How to track the parcel from China ?
You will need:
  • Track code
  • mail Website Chinese Website
  • Russian mail
# 1

Track code.What it is?This code consists of four letters, and nine-digit number that is assigned to the parcel during its shipment.This information about the parcel, which allows the receiver to track the location of a postal item without leaving home.How to get the track code?Most Chinese online shopping sites offer the client before the payment order choose the delivery method of sending.There unreliable delivery method, in which the track code is issued.He is the most cheaper, but with such a choice to track a package is not possible.The track code is offered either free of charge (simply by selecting a registered postal item), or for a small fee, an average of $ 2-3.Accurate information is usually available on the menu of each individual online store.Sending from China has a track code AB123455789CD format.

# 2

mail Website China.Once the order has been paid, it begins assembly and shipping.The customer is

notified of delivery of the order and track code or by e-mail or message in your account (account with an institution in the online store).The entire process usually takes several days.Immediately after receiving the track number to track the parcel on the track code can not be from China.We'll have to be patient and wait a few days, an average of ten days.Package Tracking is available as an online Chinese-mail (China Post), and on the website of the Russian mail.Online Chinese-mail (in English) are prompted to select the e-mail service, which occurred sending parcels, then enter the track code (Tracking Number) appears in this window.After that will be available for sending information.

# 3

Site Russian mail.On Russian mail site under the heading "tracking of mail", you can get information on parcels from China.The principle is similar to tracking - in the field of special track code is entered, then the characters from the image to confirm that the information is read is not a robot (called CAPTCHA), then select the Search button.After this information is displayed on the package.Recently, the site may track-mail Russia "from the beginning", ie. E. After receiving parcel China post.Therefore, the need to go to the English version of the Chinese-mail Site virtually eliminated.