How to keep the fire in the rain ?

How to keep the fire in the rain ?
You will need:
  • cans
  • bowler
  • polyethylene
  • awning
# 1

There are many recommendations that should be with them to take the time enjoying the outdoors.It is necessary to consider how to keep the fire in the rain.To do this, a hike to take cans, pot, polyethylene, awning.These items will be useful.When it starts to rain, you should quickly cover with dry wood.They will need to then put them into the fire.Firewood covered with polyethylene.At the height using stakes to install an awning over the place where the fire is burning.If there is nothing to cover, then you need to look thick logs and put them into the fire.They help to keep the fire until the rain stops.You can keep the fire in the rain another way.The pot is poured a layer of earth, spread the embers, and filled with ash.On top sprinkle with dry earth.This pot can keep the coals, even after 10 hours of storage.

# 2

interesting question is how to start a fire without matches in nature.You can do this in several ways.It is nece

ssary to prepare the rub, what arguments are used tinder-dry mushrooms, wood dust, fine dry bark, moss and grass is dry, rotten, little matter.It will take a stone-silicon.If it hit, you get a spark, it will light the tinder.On a sunny day will help ignite the fire magnifying glass, that is, binoculars, camera, telescope.

# 3

There's more information how to make a cold fire in the presence of improvised means.Need ethyl alcohol, dry boric acid, hydrochloric acid and a drop of sulfuric acid.It prepares the ground where the fire will burn.Next, prepare a mixture of its ingredients and burn above.Such a composition is applied to the substrate and ignited.

# 4

For safety you need to know how to put out the fire after use.It is necessary to avoid the fire happened.Pour the fire with water, stir the ashes and add water again.Pre-need to knock down the flames, the fire obkopat around.If you know how to put out the fire, you can not harm nature.At the end of all procedures should fire sprinkle the ground as thick as 30 cm.

# 5

That's how you can work with fire on nature during hikes.Kindle, stew, to carry out various experiments quite simple.This requires the means at hand, and a little imagination.