How to view your pension contributions ?

How to view your pension contributions ?
You will need:
  • personal account on the portal of public services
  • Calculator
  • copy of the work book
# 1

to at any time to understand, due to what the pension working citizen is formed andwhat size he can expect a pension, it is first necessary to study the mechanism of the pension.At present, the current pension system is formed of two parts - for persons born after 1967 of the base pension, insurance and funded, for persons born before 1967 - from the base and insurance.In addition, different regions have their own system of allowances to their pensions.Highest allowance, of course, in Moscow.Basic general pension for all it is set by the state and is indexed annually for inflation (sometimes increased).In 2013 fixed by the basic pension level is 3610 rubles (for persons over 80 years old and of different categories of persons who have earned the right to increase pensions, its base rate higher. On average they 8000-10000 rubles, as the basic pension is increased for people with depende

nts.) pension contributions to the insurance and funded part of a pension by the employer, so the first and main concern of future pensioners should be receiving so-called "white salary."Otherwise, the accumulative part of pensions will not be generated.

# 2

employer deducts the pension fund significant amounts, on average, about 30% of the total payroll, so many employers prefer to pay wages in envelopes, which deprives citizens of both the insurance and funded part of pensions.The insurance part of the pension depends on the size of the salary and is calculated from the employer contributions to the Pension Fund of the amount of salary not exceeding the limits set by the average.The storage part is formed by contributions, but higher than the average amounts of salaries and employee chooses to whom he gives the money to the management or growth.By default, they are controlled by state-owned Vnesheconombank, but the worker can choose any other private pension fund or management company.To calculate future pension needs to know the average yield growth, which gives future retirees chosen insurance company.So for 2012 EBV showed a yield of 9% (for the consumer price index in 6:), private companies - 15%.

# 3

listed employer funds accumulated on personal accounts of employees in the Pension Fund.Many point out that the maximum level of pension is limited, and the size of pension contributions when you reach this level is not reduced.This is due to the fact that the state is obliged to pay a guaranteed portion of pensions for many categories of citizens who currently do not earn a pension.It retirees still the Soviet era, disabled and unemployed dependents, employees of companies with a gray salary, many self-employed.According to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, do not pay contributions to the pension fund of about 3 million people working in the country.If public administration still force employers to pay contributions - the general level of pension in the country will increase.But that's the theory.How do you know your pension contributions are now?Every year, each registered in the Pension Fund employee receives a letter from the Pension Fund.There are shown separately funds held in the insurance part of pensions - and separately - on the storage.Also, this information can be obtained by registering and opening a personal account on the portal of public services.

# 4

examining his personal account in the Pension Fund, then we can calculate their future pension formula based on the first stage of implementation of the pension reform, recently published on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia.I use this formula, the registered person may consider his future retirement pension, based on the consumer price index in 2013.added an additional factor that can seriously increase the size of her pension insurance and funded part of January 2015 - - the actual retirement The main characteristics of the settlement, on the basis of which the retirement pension is now formed.Every year, absenteeism pension after reaching the retirement age - increases its actual size.In the case of applying for a pension 63 years for men and 58 for women, the fixed part will be increased by 19%, and the insurance part of the 24%.The maximum magnification ratio of pension to employees and does not pay for the pension of pensioners there ten years and no longer subject to an increase.According to the formula in 2015 entitled to a retirement pension arises only from the 15 years of service, whereas now this requires 5 years.Last there is reform - is still unknown.