How to decorate the jacket with his hands : Effective Tips

How to decorate the jacket with his hands : Effective Tips
You will need:
  • brooch scarf
  • rhinestones
  • decorative cord
  • beads
# 1

For a successful modern woman jacket is one of the basic wardrobe items.The possibilities of use are extremely diverse - from a strict office clothes to flamboyant evening dress.Many women due to their creative imagination are able to transform everyday at first thing in the present model of haute couture.

# 2

In addition, the Internet can find workshops easily about how to decorate the jacket with your own hands.For beginners who are just starting to learn this difficult art, it is recommended not to start a global change things.It is enough to start experimenting with brooches, which are represented on the market of accessories in a variety of forms and shapes.

# 3

for example, are very fashionable right now large brooch in the form of textile colors.But we must not forget to detach them before they lay down jacket in a suitcase, or they can be crumpled.In addition, the perfect decoration for monochrome c

oat can become quite large rhinestone brooch in the shape of an animal or a flower.A brooch with pearls will give a touch of elegance and femininity strict office suit.

# 4

Of course, not every woman knows the art of successfully combine different things to create a single image.That is why it is very important to know how to choose a jacket with the other elements of clothes and jewelry.For example, a jacket deep blue color can be decorated with a light scarf in red and white, and to complement the classic white trousers.This will create an image of the sea, from which and breathes the salty breeze.

# 5

also quite fashionable direction is military style.But not every woman would agree to decorate the jacket epaulettes.It's as easy as wearing a men's jacket.Much more familiar to most women decorate the collar of his jacket with beads, crystals or pearls.Depending on the decoration, it can be put to work or party.

# 6

And those who are going on a romantic date, to emphasize their femininity by a bright scarf or a brooch pinned to the shoulder in the form of flowers.Generally, if you show a little imagination, you will have no problems with how to update the jacket.For example, to sew on it a decorative cord, which can give the most diverse form.Or decorate the pockets of interesting valves.But more can be done on the fabric pattern or inscription using rhinestones or sequins.Modern industry has created many opportunities to revive with the help of jewelry and give a stylish look, even boring at first glance things.And only by our imagination and desires it depends on routine or on the contrary, the brightness of the created image.