How to distinguish a fake from 1000 rubles ?

How to distinguish a fake from 1000 rubles ?
You will need:
  • 1000 rubles
  • 5000 rubles
  • ruble 2001
# 1

How to maintain the basic viability, while still developing and to delay something, havingsome 1,000 rubles?Unfortunately, as a result of studies have shown that most dexterous Russian counterfeiters counterfeited banknote was the nominal value of 1000 rubles.Therefore it is very important to know how to distinguish 1000 rubles from the counterfeit notes, so as not to be fooled.For this there are signs of authenticity of banknotes denominated in Russian rubles in 1000.

# 2

The first thing to note - the quality of paper (bill should be a relief to the touch), her must be present coat of arms of Yaroslavl, which has overflow property from purple to greenish-brown.Pay attention also to the presence of stands and silver thread, micro perforation (combed on the banknote).If they do not - the more likely you are dealing with a counterfeit bill.Skill to distinguish genuine from counterfeit bill easily purchase, related information by

searching the Internet.

# 3

Anyway, to save on products today are not the majority of the special difficulties, either in the garden to grow their own, or buy potatoes and bread - to die of hunger, they will not give.But why the question "how to survive on 1,000 rubles" not be paraphrased as follows: "Why should I live on 1000 rubles?"Why is it better not to wonder how to survive on 5,000 rubles?Moreover, in the day, rather than a week, and even less a month!Then, and not really much need to worry about how to distinguish a fake 5,000 rubles, or any other denomination bill, from the present, as a sufficient income fake ass does not mean to die of hunger - a denomination less than one more.

# 4

Still from 1000 rubles in his pocket can very well live, but only in one case - if the "round" sum consists of coin at least the year of 2001.In this case, it costs 5000-30000 rubles, depending on the security.A numismatists hunters already do everything possible to the holder of such coins long wondered "how to sell ruble 2001?"- They take away the hands and feet of your" wooden ".Why such a name?It's very simple: first ruble was made of wood, so now sometimes say to him "wooden" - you can find out more information about searching the Internet how appeared ruble.

# 5

Anyway, it is not necessary to ask a mental setting on how to survive on 1,000 rubles.To properly and effectively look for ways to increase their income, than to dwell on how to live on a ridiculous number of their money but not to starve to death.