How to write a letter of attorney for the child ?

How to write a letter of attorney for the child ?
You will need:
  • passport of one parent
  • child's birth certificate
  • Foreign child
  • passport accompanying person passport
# 1

Federal Law "On procedure of exitthe Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation "of traveling abroad of a minor child says the following: the child of Russian usually must travel accompanied by one parent or both parents, or other persons to whom the law the duty of guardianship for the child (guardian, trustee).If a minor citizen is leaving on their own, such as a guided tour in a group, to study abroad on exchange accompanied by a teacher at a summer resort, accompanied by the nurse, he must have their own passport and the so-called power of attorney for the child - the power of attorney on the accompanying person, whoin fact, it represents the consent of a parent to leave the child with details of the person entrusted with the child to maintain.

# 2

such power of attorney form is available in all notary offices.This is where you can quickly and

professionally complete the power of attorney for the child.The law and notary practice prescribe specified therein data such as name, surname, patronymic, place of residence, data of Russian and foreign passport of the child, surname, first name and the data of the Russian passport parent data similar to data on the child, on the accompanying person, alsoIt shall include the time of departure and the name of the state (states) that the child is going to visit.Knowing how to write a letter of attorney for the child, it is necessary to know and what documents you need to take with you to the notary office.Required parent need a Russian passport (original), Russian and foreign passports of the child (originals or copies), the accompanying person passport (original or copy), birth certificate (original) documents confirming the country of origin and the duration of the trip (originals or copies)

# 3

way, making out a power of attorney, you must not forget to ask the notary notarized copy of the lift with a foreign child's passport.Such a document duchshe put in a suitcase apart from the passport.It can be useful if a child loses a passport to get the permission to leave the consulate of Russia abroad.Many travel agencies argue that such authorization is required from both parents.This is not true.The need to obtain the consent of both parents ceased in 2004, when such a provision of the law was repealed.This greatly simplified the registration of the child to travel abroad.The Border Guard Service of the document from the second parent is not required.Why are travel agents, execute child visit, the consent of the other parent is required?

# 4

This is due to the fact that in accordance with the same law on entry and exit, the other parent, if he does not agree with the departure of the child from the Russian Federation, may submit their notarized opposition to the border and customs services of the RussianFederation without notifying the other parent.In this case, leaving the child from Russia will be closed, and this information will be obtained only at the border, at the moment of departure.Costs for travel preparation in this case will not be returned, and for a child is a serious moral injury.To avoid these stressful situations and economic losses, better, in case of doubt, arrange in advance consent from both parents.