How do I know NACE organization?

How do I know NACE organization?
You will need:
  • computer and Internet access
# 1

Each head of a large company or a small family firm periodically faced with the need to check the contractors, suppliers and partners.This is especially important when concluding contracts for major tenders, as to be mistaken in such an important matter as the choice of the artist, just a luxury.How to check the integrity of the company?

# 2

Reduce potential risks possible, knowing how to learn NACE organization, INN, CAT and other props.To find this information, you can use two options: to turn to companies that specialize in selling information, or to find out the necessary details independently and free of charge.You can use the site to find out a tax inspection and data such as: BIN, company name (legal entity), VAT number, legal address, PPC, any amendments.

# 3

That is on site tax inspection accessible overview of the legal entity, which are located in the directory USRLE.NACE is assigned to each company or entrepreneur territ

orial body of state statistics on the application of the organization.NACE codes may be seen in the extract from the register, or in a letter from the Federal State Statistics Service.It is also possible to request to Rosstat and get a statement about the data of any company.Prior to the conclusion of an important contract with a new partner is recommended to insure, specifying how to find an organization to an address that is claimed to be actual.

# 4

But what if, verification has not been carried out or not identified risks, and counterparty proved to be dishonest and not performing their obligations, disappeared in an unknown direction?In this case you should contact an experienced lawyer with an extensive practice in this particular area.This will increase the chances of finding a scam, because the professionals have the information, how to find out details of the organization as soon as possible and how to correctly make a claim and legal claim.

# 5

When checking potential partners should carefully examine NACE codes of the company - artist, because, perhaps, the contractor is not authorized to perform the declared work, or the provision of the required services.Sometimes unscrupulous companies try to hide this information.This is a reason to abandon the possible cooperation with the company - because of the details need to be open and accessible.There must also occur such problems, how to find an organization by name in databases and on the Internet - after all, every company has a website.

# 6

But no site should be alerted.As is clear from the above examples, even without the state of the company's own security service, really to check the contractor yourself, knowing how to clarify the details of the artist, how do you know CPR organization, TIN, NACE codes and other relevant information and to secure the planned deal.