As pet jacket tricks Housewives

As pet jacket tricks Housewives
You will need:
  • jacket
  • iron
  • vertical steamer
  • gauze or thin x / cotton fabric
# 1

Today it is important to know everyone, how to pat his jacket.Not so simple as it seems at first glance.From the right ironing, will depend on the external neatness of things.First we need to clean the dust jacket of the steam or damp cloth.After cleaning, you can start ironing jacket.Some experienced hostess own little secrets, that would not mind sharing them and explain how ironed jacket after cleaning.

# 2

most important thing - the iron must be strongly heated.Particular attention is paid to the material, it also influences the process of ironing.The work is necessary to moisten the cloth with a wet cloth for a better ironing.It is necessary to put the jacket on the ironing board, spread and straighten the arm.To begin with you need to iron the pockets after they move seamlessly to the sleeves and the front of the jacket.

# 3

Every housewife knows how to iron a jacket on the front side.To b

egin it is necessary solely for the sleeves.Lint-free cloth pat on the direction of the nap.Care should be taken that there are no creases.Gently and carefully must be smooth and the front elbow joints, moving to the back and shoulders of.The last element is a collar.To ironed jacket simple cut look stylish, you must decorate.

# 4

The question how to decorate a black jacket using the materials at hand can only rely on their imagination.Jacket, decorated with white or red scarf will give a special elegance and a neatly folded handkerchief, placed in the top pocket of his jacket, emphasize individuality.You can make your own hands brooch.After ironing and decorations need to hang a jacket on a hanger and fasten buttons.

# 5

Fasten jacket can be different.Each chooses as buttoning his jacket and shine in front of everyone in a new image.Basically button up his jacket buttoned, except for one.On the sleeves are not allowed to leave the buttons buttoned.The outer pocket is always recommended to fasten a button, it will give the kind of low-key style and accuracy.

# 6

But what if the jacket is already old and out of fashion?Do not despair and throw thing!You can easily experiment and understand how to make a trendy old jacket at home.Thus, the old coat will gain new relevance, individuality and will delight more than one season.You can dig in old things and find an old, classic style that will get a second life thanks to the cleaning, ironing and small decorative ornaments