How to wash the jacket is easiest ?

How to wash the jacket is easiest ?
You will need:
  • detergent
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Ammonia
# 1

The easiest way to bring a jacket in an appropriate kind - give it to the dry cleaners.But there often is not recommended due to the fact that under the influence of chemicals that are used in it, the fabric jacket will quickly begin to deteriorate and lose presentable appearance.Therefore, it is better to expose the jacket wash.But, before you wash the jacket, you should pay attention to the label.It always indicates the temperature at which the product can be washed.

# 2

need to wash basin with warm water.- If the product has contaminated sites, clean them with a soft brush, you need to pre-wet the ammonia solution.A solution of 3% to do.- Jacket should be soaked in warm water, it is better to use water rain, which poured a small amount of detergent.- The soapy water jacket should lie down for a few hours, after which you need to lightly rub the contaminated sites, then rinse it in cool water.To revive the colors in the water yo

u can add a few drops of vinegar.- After thorough rinsing, the jacket does not wring out, hang on a hanger and leave it to dry completely.Thereafter, using a steam iron otglazhivayut product.Now that you know how to wash the jacket.

# 3

jacket has always been in fashion.It is ideal as a clothing for the office, for a business meeting.It is also great as casual wear.Jacket will look great and jeans with a straight skirt, it is possible to go on a picnic and party.The correct coat can hide figure flaws.Therefore, if you do not know how to choose a jacket, should heed the opinion of stylists, and you need to consider its merits.Jacket made of thin knitwear, will look great on the figure, and to emphasize its advantages, it is perfect for business trips and travel.Modern fashionable women short suit jackets bright, they are less conservative and will look great with a short skirt and jeans.

# 4

Men jacket gives a sense of solidity and even some confidence in their own strength.But not everyone knows when and how to zip up his jacket.The double-breasted jacket made to fasten all the buttons.In purely business setting, if a man wearing a single-breasted jacket, decided not to fasten the last button.But if it acts as a speaker or presentation demonstrates, all the buttons in a suit must be fastened.And being in a relaxed atmosphere, for example, during a meal, no matter how many boards have a jacket, it generally can not zip up.For women, these rules do not exist.But women can decorate it.To learn how to decorate the jacket, many women know firsthand.There are various applications, beads, sparkles is stones, shawls, scarves, scarves and other accessories.