How to clean suede jacket from ?

How to clean suede jacket from ?
You will need:
  • Suede Shampoo
  • sponge
# 1

So delicate suede material and is not cheap, so for him the care rules you should know "by heart".So, jackets suede mostly spoiled at the folds.clean thing in this case in two ways: gently wash or clean, by having recourse to special funds (shampoo or an eraser).Shampoo should be selected in the event that the dirt has been firmly ingrained in the material.Thus it is necessary to know how to clean the coat using a special shampoo, not to spoil it.This is done as follows: First, a bit of shampoo is poured into a container (glass or ceramic).Then the solution is wetted sponge.Then sponge to clean contaminated and zalosnivshiesya place.Then shampoo residues are washed off with water.After drying, rubbing the place handled tool with a dirt and water-repellent effect.

# 2

Before ironed jacket made of suede, you should familiarize yourself with one thing: technology cutting out articles from suede, require skin stretching in order to save material,

so after washing, until the product is wet, do not be amiss to some stretchits length and breadth, in order to avoid further shrinkage.In addition, after ironing, you must carefully clean the brush jacket, otherwise, just primnetsya suede and lose their original appearance.While on how to pat the jacket also depends largely on its presentable.

# 3

Another look jacket depends on the care of his problem areas, including wrinkles, bends, elbows and collars.Therefore, any cleaning should start with them.For cleaning it is recommended to use a little heated vinegar or a solution of 1 tablespoon.l.ammonia and a liter of water.The initial treatment of these places will provide the same even color products.

# 4

Since folding the jacket after the cleaning long-term storage is not recommended in order to avoid the formation of folds and creases, then store it better on the hanger and preferably covered with a plastic bag, thus protecting from dust settling on the suede.Proper storage avoids scrupulous cleaning jacket, holding only "cosmetic procedure".

# 5

permanently preserve attractive appearance suede items should be able to.Because the right to wear a jacket made of suede - a small art.So, we should not forget that the suede jackets should not be worn in wet weather.Also, they are not suitable for everyday wear.And, of course, they require special cleaning.That's all!A little effort and a careful maintenance and a jacket made of suede will always be like new.