How do you know CPR organization for free?

How do you know CPR organization for free?
You will need:
  • computer and Internet access
# 1

lawyer and head of the company, an entrepreneur, and many other representatives of the business occasionally have to search for information on the counterparty, for example, whenconclusion of the contract or the contract, as well as to supply information to the arbitration court.You can search through the World Wide Web.But like thematic queries is extremely difficult to find information, mainly to be found only advertising companies, who earn a living selling such information.Is it worth it to waste time waiting for a response to a request?And does it make sense to pay for this information, if you can get it for free?So how do you know CPR organization for free?

# 2

First of all, should refer to the website of the tax inspection.But the information that is available to the ordinary user, free of charge, not too saturated: BIN, LE name, legal address, VAT number, PPC, also changes.That is, you can only learn the basics of the legal entit

y, which is in reference USRLE.But this information is very valuable, because update regularly, information is always new and relevant, it is not difficult to obtain, and most importantly, it can be done for free.Activities such as the organization know NACE also available on-site tax inspection.You can also request e-statement online tax office for a small fee.

# 3

NACE - National Classification of Economic Activities - the company can have more than one code, but one of them is the main, the main code.According to the statement, NACE is assigned to companies by the territorial body of state statistics.NACE codes may be seen in the extract from the register, or in a letter from the Federal State Statistics Service.And if before the head is such a problem, how to find an organization at the address - the actual or legal?To search for a legal address, you can use one of a variety of databases, both paid and free.But to find a company without knowing the actual address, if the actual location of the company is not the same as the registered office, it is sometimes very difficult.

# 4

Because the company can change the location, do not have their own site, or to change the corporate phone number.This occurs in the case of bad faith of the counterparty.In this case, such a procedure, how to learn details of the organization, will be only the beginning of a long process of finding the defendant.Any company, even the largest, may be faced with unscrupulous contractors, contractors, partners who can escape without fulfilling obligations.In this case, you should contact an experienced lawyer, having positive experiences in similar processes.Competent expert it is easy to cope with such a task, how to find an organization by name, to find out the real address of residence, all the necessary details and financial data.This approach is to attract competent expert, can help to find a solution and solve the problem before it occurs.